Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools – Business Intelligence Tools is a type of application software designed to collaborate with business intelligence (BI) processes in organizations. Specifically, these are tools that assist the analysis and presentation of the data. While some Business Intelligence tools do not include ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Load) functionality, ETL tools are generally […]

Dave Ramsey Allocated Spending Plan Excel Spreadsheet

Dave Ramsey Allocated Spending Plan Excel Spreadsheet – The Ramsey / Ramsay week This week is dedicated to two men. One is a writer of personal finances in USA that among other things, has elaborated the debt elimination system called Debt snowball or debt boladenieve (Dave Ramsey). The other is a British cook whose histimagesoria […]

Downtime Tracking Spreadsheet

Downtime Tracking Spreadsheet – Time management is an important topic in the e-commerce industry. Some believe that projects need to be planned ahead of time and charged based on a flat fee (something known as value-based pricing), while others charge per hour. If you are part of the last group, you need to keep track […]

Earthwork Estimating Spreadsheet

Earthwork Estimating Spreadsheet Introduction Development CONCLUSIONS Bibliography Introduction One of the most frequent constructive activities in civil constructions is the earth movements necessary to construct engineering works, esplanades to locate socio-economic works, sports fields and others, being of great importance to realize with adequate precision the volumes of earth to move. Before the appearance of […]

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet – Calculate vacation days in ExcelCalculate vacation days in Excel Workers of a company are entitled to an annual holiday period, and depending on the labor laws of each country, a method is established to calculate the vacation days to which the worker is entitled. In the vast majority of countries, […]

Slope Stability Analysis Spreadsheet

Slope Stability Analysis Spreadsheet – The field of slope stability studies the stability of the possibility of instability of the construction of a project of construction of a project, or carry out a civil engineering construction work, being an aspect directly related to the geological – geotechnical engineering . The instability of a slope can […]

Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet

Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet – How Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet ? Control of expenses An expense, necessary for the proper development of the operation of the company, may be administrative type of sale, and in both cases, its recovery must be directly related to the Revenue generated during the period in […]

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business – Basic accounting programs for the company are one of the most demanded software on the net, where we can even download them thanks to its free license. However, it is not always easy to find the right program to adapt to our way of working and satisfy our […]

Startup Valuation Spreadsheet

Startup Valuation Spreadsheet – A black box has not yet been designed that receives as input the publication number of a trademark and the CIFs of the parties and issues an unquestionable report stating “The fair value of this mark for a transaction between these parties is X €”. Therefore, it seems that experience in […]

Tracking Employee Training Spreadsheet

Tracking Employee Training Spreadsheet – The following work, titled “HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING”, highlights the importance of training and development of human resources in any organization or company, regardless of their nature. The following are the stages in which a human resources training process is developed that are found in companies, so that it can be […]