Google Docs Calendar Spreadsheet Template

Google Docs Calendar Spreadsheet Template Create a calendar You can create a calendar for each type of event. For example: you can create the “Soccer” calendar to be aware of the next training and matches. Set up a new calendar You can only create a new calendar with a browser, both on a computer and […]

Google Spreadsheet Graph

Google Spreadsheet Graph – A very good way to present visual data is to create a chart in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Google spreadsheets not only make you build a chart from data in a spreadsheet, but also offer customization options to highlight the different data systems. 1. Select the range of data you want […]

Free Bill Management Spreadsheet

Free Bill Management Spreadsheet – The Management of Invoices allows the administrator and effectively monitor all the results of the billing of the Telecommunications Providers, from receiving and loading invoices in the repository, to the allocation of costs, and approval and Payments Tracking With this you get a consolidated view of all billing, for fixed, […]

Free Construction Schedule Spreadsheet

Free Construction Schedule Spreadsheet – Working hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday. During the months of November to February, both inclusive, see companies to start and end the daily work day with the media delayed the schedule agreed in the previous paragraph, in order to accommodate the work to […]

Free Spreadsheet For Windows 8

Free Spreadsheet For Windows 8 – Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program, with no real competitors. The iconic cell-to-cell design leads the way in recording and displaying data in a very accessible and familiar way. Its graphical functions are incredibly easy to use, and its quick equation calculations save hours of work. Excel […]

Excel Spreadsheet For Construction Estimating

Excel Spreadsheet For Construction Estimating Construction estimates General concept The valuation of the works executed in a certain period is established by applying the agreed unit prices of the work concepts executed during that period or the percentage of the price agreed price corresponding to the progress of each unit of work generated at the […]

Excel Spreadsheet For Dummies Online

Excel Spreadsheet For Dummies Online – Access the world online with the newest edition of the best-selling resource for Internet use The 10th edition of The Internet For Dummies is revised to cover the basics of the Internet to start doing things. Discover how to make an internet connection, create an email account, search and […]

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Free Download The numbers have the formula to create spectacular spreadsheets with images, tables and graphs that give fantastic results. And now with the benefits of real-time collaboration, your team and you can work at the same time using a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone and even a PC with an […]

Excel Spreadsheet Formulas If Then

Excel Spreadsheet Formulas If Then SI function The SI function is one of the most popular functions in Excel and allows you to make logical comparisons between a value and a result you expect. In its simplest form, the SI function says: YES (Something is True, do something, otherwise do something different) For this reason, […]

Family Tree Spreadsheet

Family Tree Spreadsheet – Family trees are typical school jobs and a fun way to teach others your ancestors. Excel is also able to perform more complex genealogical projects, although for projects that are longer term, you may prefer to use a specialized program. Use a template 1. Create a new document from a template. […]