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21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet – The day starts with a third. Homework is a self-assessment of irregular verbs, which most have done. We go to another small group of verbs, we review it and the self-assessment stays for Monday. We go to a listening exercise that costs a lot to do because I can not reproduce the sound of the computer (the digital conversion is broken or disconnected, I do not know), and the portable CD plays the disc, the original of the publisher. I think he’s on the last. I read the half-exercise script and the other half is heard from the device. We correct; This has cost them. I try to make a little conversation, but they look at me as if speaking Russian; The topic does not interest them Step to introduce the next grammatical question that we will see next week.

First. We started quite well; We correct duties (very simple: to make two lists, one of stores and premises that your town does not have and another that yes). Half the class has not done. Today touches the present continuous; I present all the grammar at a glance, in English when I want to compare the grammar of both languages ​​and in English when I ask or I give examples. They are eager to participate and it costs them not to do it all at once. We give all the grammar of a didactic unit in two kicks, congratulate and rejoice. We do an exercise, and that costs more.

Second: tutoring. Today he plays a task that has not sent Guidance to prepare the school day of peace, on January 30. I am discouraged because everything is always in good intentions, the days are the one that has to cover the file and I have more desire to go to the dentist right now than to talk about Peace with a capital letter. We have to think of several souvenirs and decorate one or several pigeons that have the silhouette in a photocopy. I insist that you can not understand peace as the opposite of the war that takes place in distant countries. I put the definition of the RAE on the digital board by cutting religious definitions and ask what breaks the peace in the institute. A base of questions and stimulating a certain debate of the blackboard ends with three columns: one of fights, one of causes (discrimination, noise) and another of solutions (listening, equality). When we talk about discrimination they speak spontaneously of machismo and racism and I introduce classism and homophobia, which they know as ideas even if words are new. We converted the third column, that of the solutions, into lemmas. They are very original. Insist strongly that the “motto of the class” (his words) that decorates the cork board has to be the winning motto that gave to the Advisor. They do not know it, but it is the categorical imperative Kantian formulated in colloquial terms (behave as you want everyone to do it). Volunteers make posters. Many people point out who should draw, it is nice to see that they appreciate each other. It’s all a bit chaotic in the end, but overall it worked out fine.

Recreation in the library. There are more people than usual. My helpers return the books to your site. I throw a couple of children who have come to “make a draw” (!!) and go half. Everyone makes a lot of noise It is inevitable if they are working as a team; They do not know how to speak in a low voice

After recess, I find myself in the hallway with a girl who cries hiccups (not the same as yesterday). It looks like another anxiety attack, but it’s a dislike of a fight. These attacks are not as frequent as mysterious diseases, headaches and stomachaches, dizziness … every day, at least a couple of the children come home sick or spend a little time in the armchair at the entrance.

Tutors meeting with Orientation. Today there are hardly any news. This happens sometimes; As some meetings have to be on the weekly calendar, there are not always news, while for others that may be missing there is little time. It is an inevitable consequence of the few face-to-face-but-non-lecturing hours we have. When the counselor finishes informing us about something that will happen next week, I take the opportunity to pass absences of assistance to the computer application, update the spreadsheet of the classes using my notebook, and send SMS messages to the families of the students who Have accumulated many “negatives” of conduct or lack of work. I have the right time for these administrative tasks: play the game as soon as I finish.

First. We finished in twenty minutes the listening exercise we could not do in last Friday’s exam. They take so long to be ready. I give them the exercise in paper form, separate from the original examination, and when I finish, I try to do the same as in the other group: the most basic theory of the present continuous. It’s harder here. They chat, they do not work, or they get lost. Above all, many are not copying what I put on the board. It is the fourth theme and you know that I break down the grammar much more than the book (which has no theoretical explanations of any kind, on the other hand). Those who are not writing are because they are distracted, because they expect a direct order addressed to them (JUAN, copy that) … I get very angry with a child who has torn a sheet from the notebook with half-drawings and started copying new. There is no problem with the torn sheet. This is something that everyone did at first: the notebook has to be perfect and also include all the answers to all the exercises, whether they have done them or are just copying without thinking. I repeat once more, in Spanish, what is the purpose of the notebook and that the goal is not that it is “pretty”.

I’m going home in a bad mood. I have given almost all classes screaming. Not scolding, no, just screaming without realizing above the constant noise. My throat hurts the rest of the day.

At home, there are many things I want to do but I do not have any time, between personal issues and that I want to rest. I am trying to sleep all the hours that the body asks me and close everything that is work at nine at the latest; There is no way to do that and move forward. Two classes begin to get impatient because they want me to correct exams or prepare work with songs, but today is not going to be the day. I think it’s the first one since I started this experiment in which I do not do overtime.

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

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