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Accounts Payable Tracking Spreadsheet

Accounts Payable Tracking Spreadsheet – Software for the management of accounts payable
Small and medium-sized businesses must create an accounts payable system to track payments and when it comes to cash flow management. ECOUNT ERP has the necessary measures in place to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their accounts payable efficiently and easily.

Common problems
Bad payment management can lead to cash flow problems, overpayments of fraud.
Unrelated accounting and purchasing systems cause re-entry of data or omissions.
The lack of information in real time.
Charges or payment penalties take a poorly managed payable account.
You can not take discounts for prompt payment, for a problem of money flow or lost vouchers.
With ECOUNT ERP, customers can get accounts payable by supplier or person in charge with an integrated accounting and purchasing program. This reduces the risk of errors and omissions of the company while increasing the security of the payment system.

Create reports to view the status of unpaid through search by provider and person in charge.
Look for outstanding accounts payable by purchase order, vendor, or manager.
Reduce reentry and data management more effectively and the need to use Excel.
Reduce the amount of data omission and lack of communication between departments.
Creation of controls and balances in the payment system.
Key Functions

Accounts Payable Management
Manage the total purchase, payment and accounts for payment by the supplier or manager.
Automatic journal entries for payments and purchases in the amount
Process purchase invoices and apply the accounting module.
Budget the prepaid pay period for your projections of your workflow.

Accounts Payable Tracking Spreadsheet