Slope Stability Analysis Spreadsheet

Slope Stability Analysis Spreadsheet – The field of slope stability studies the stability of the possibility of instability of the construction of a project of construction of a project, or carry out a civil engineering construction work, being an aspect directly related to the geological – geotechnical engineering . The instability of a slope can […]

Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet

Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet – How Small Business Income And Expenses Spreadsheet ? Control of expenses An expense, necessary for the proper development of the operation of the company, may be administrative type of sale, and in both cases, its recovery must be directly related to the Revenue generated during the period in […]

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business – Basic accounting programs for the company are one of the most demanded software on the net, where we can even download them thanks to its free license. However, it is not always easy to find the right program to adapt to our way of working and satisfy our […]

Startup Valuation Spreadsheet

Startup Valuation Spreadsheet – A black box has not yet been designed that receives as input the publication number of a trademark and the CIFs of the parties and issues an unquestionable report stating “The fair value of this mark for a transaction between these parties is X €”. Therefore, it seems that experience in […]

Tracking Employee Training Spreadsheet

Tracking Employee Training Spreadsheet – The following work, titled “HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING”, highlights the importance of training and development of human resources in any organization or company, regardless of their nature. The following are the stages in which a human resources training process is developed that are found in companies, so that it can be […]

Examples Of Spreadsheets

Examples Of Spreadsheets – The Simple example of a spreadsheet in excel. Too simple but does its job. In the first column, we have the list of products. In the second, the total amount we have of each product and in the third its price. Now, the last column, Maxima Gain, this last column is […]

Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory

Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory – Dear followers I created a form using macros and functions in Excel completely free. Do not hesitate to send your constructive opinions. Stock control: Warehouse is the place, internal or external, own or contracted, where we have stock materials that are necessary for operations, whether sales, production or services. […]

How To Make an Excel Spreadsheet

How To Make an Excel Spreadsheet 1. Open Excel. 2. Note that there are rows and columns. Each column has an uppercase letter that shows which column it is. Each row has a number on the left, to show which row it is. Each cell is identified by the letter of the column followed by […]

Excel Spreadsheet For Monthly Bills

Excel Spreadsheet For Monthly Bills – Benefits: This worksheet is set to be used when projecting the monthly family budget corresponding to 12 different months. The monthly program is easier to understand than an annual tool for preparing family budgets. We have formatted the worksheet and incorporated most of the income and expense descriptions. All […]