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Bakery Inventory Spreadsheet

Bakery Inventory Spreadsheet – Managing a bakery goes beyond the understanding of numbers and customer service, means knowing the information needed to maintain the day and carry adequate and satisfactory accounting processes.

It is vital to take information controls to run a business. It is not simply to sell, ask for inventory when we want, and at the end to see the statement and think that is what we gain useful.

There are 6 basic controls that are used in the administration of a bakery

Sales control.

Purchasing control.

Control of inventories.

Costs control.

Control of transformation of raw materials.

Handling of smaller box and larger box.

The administration of a bakery is a task, although expensive, fundamental for the good performance of the business, therefore it is necessary to know the indispensable data to maintain an accounting process of quality and optimum profits.

It is necessary that the baker know the information and the key documentation to have a control of optimal inventories and to reduce the losses by faults and waste. Before this, the bakers must document the following information:

Purchase record
It is necessary to have all the records of purchases to know what is being invested and in what quantity, to have a record of purchases can realize an ABC analysis of the most demanded raw materials and thus to know which to do more control of inventories

Standardization of formulas
The baker must know the exact ingredients a use for the elaboration of the product, must have a standard of the formulas that are used in the process of transformation of raw materials better known as mojes, the standard allows to have a control on the outputs of Las Raw materials that have been spent in the wet and also have a quality control in production.

When standardizing the formulas, the units of control and measurement of the raw materials must be identified. Example:

Grams: Flours, margarines, sugar, salt, yeast etc.
Mililiters: milk, essences, tinctures, etc.
Unit: eggs, mixers, decoration pieces etc.
Example of a formula.

6 pounds of soft.
3000 grams of flour.
1000 grams of sugar.
1000 grams of margarine.
4 units of eggs.
10 milliliters of butter essence.
Through standardized formulas, the baker will know with exactitude how much it costs to produce each product he produces for sale, and calculate his profit margins.

Sales Records
In addition to the above, sales records are critical to maintaining order in the accounts. Have timely records, sufficient and accurate information. It is very important to have this information always updated, this information the service to know the financial situation of the negotiation, to have clear the financial panorama of the business the decision making is more accurate.

Financial Information: so that the baker knows how his business is going to generate balance sheet reports, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements.

Productive assets: have the technical file of the goods acquired for the manufacture of their products, in order to program in advance the preventive and corrective maintenance.

The project manager must be consistent with reports of income, costs and expenses. It is also necessary that the baker takes into account that who manages his business must be a person who is characterized by his technical ability to know the processes of the business; His human ability to interact with customers and employees, and his personal ability, with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and the ability to risk.

Small box and larger box
It is bad practice that the money from the orders is withdrawn from the post box where the sales are recorded.

Mysinventar advises to handle a cash flow where the money of the orders, purchases of products and everything that is investment of raw materials and articles are administered in smaller box, For the operating expenses like rent, nomina, services, etc., must be handled With the cash of greater cash.

When we talk about the sales registration process, that money that is collected at the end of the day should be allocated a part for the larger box and the smaller box. When closing the box this closing must be what the cashier sold from the beginning of the shift until the end of the day.

The person in charge of managing the smaller box must be the administrator of the business.

The money that you handle to cancel your orders must be obtained from the smaller box, for a business like the bakery it is recommended not to handle a smaller cash flow greater than a week, it is not the same to have 7.0000 billion dollars a week in Box, to have a cash flow of 28,000,000 million per month.

Whatever is buying raw materials and buying products, that money should come out of the smaller box.

The money to pay the operating jacks, payroll, lease, services etc, this money must come out of cash as well as money from earnings.

You at the end of each day should allocate one money for the larger and one for the smaller

Our system will help you in that process, at the end of the day Mysinvientos tells you how much money should go to the big box and how much money should go to smaller box.

Remember that the cash of major box is only for operating expenses and at the end of the month the money that remains in the box will be the profit obtained, in the end you will see a report this way

Bakery Inventory Spreadsheet