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Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet

Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet

Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet – When it is necessary to confirm if a bar is giving the desired or necessary benefits, it is necessary to make an inventory of its products. The most complicated is the accounting of liquors, in this list logically we must include the bottles that are already open, a process that can be a little more cumbersome. That’s why at UnComo.com we lend you a hand with this process, discover how to do the inventory in a bar with some simple tips.


1 Look at the capacity of the bottles and the glasses in which you serve the drink. Calculate how much you need to put exactly in each glass to make money from your bottles and make you profitable the business.
2 There are special cardboard rules to place in the bottle. In this way, we can measure the liquid inside and calculate how much we should put in each glass.

3 You must have control of each of your bottles. To do this, it is advisable to write down all measures of the same, either on a sheet of paper or in specialized computer programs.

4 Check the type, brand and price of each bottle and the glasses you serve the day of the same. All this should be noted on your record sheet that will allow you to keep the inventory of the bar and monitor your profits or possible losses.

5 There are technologically advanced methods that will allow you to scan your bottle and mechanically obtain the inventory of it. Ask at a specialized store and they will inform you about brands and possibilities.
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Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet