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Best Spreadsheet App For Ipad

Best Spreadsheet App For Ipad

Best Spreadsheet App For Ipad – As every year, we will collect some of the best applications we will have on our iPhone or iPad in 2017. We make a game like games of all categories. From time to time we will update this section.

The continuous improvements in the Apple operating system (iOS), and the increase in functionality and features in the hardware of the iPhone, iPad Pro or iPad Air, have made many applications allow us in 2017 to use our terminals almost as if they were Computers

Increasingly spectacular games. Who needs a videogame to take a quick photo? In addition to a substantial improvement in graphics, we can also see how the gameplay has improved. The applications are getting better and some are really curious, offering features that never would have thought possible.

Best of all Many applications are free. Who says the Apple App Store does not offer free apps?

IOS Application Compatibility

IOS Application Compatibility

Are these apps compatible with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod model? This information is useful for the application in the “Information” section that is on the “Details” tab almost at the end.

There is a section called “Compatibility” where they indicate that the iOS version is the minimum that our iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod need to be able to correctly use each application.

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1.-Lara Croft Go (4.99 euros)

Top 10 apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) in 2016: Lara Croft Go ios app

The Tomb Raider franchise has wrecked this excellent game for iOS, bringing us back to the best Lara Croft in many years. We will have to think our strategy well and think a little more than normal to overcome each phase.

2.-Workflow (2.99 euros)

Workflow ios app

One more year, this app is almost one of the essential in our iPhone, especially if you have a Mac and you use Automator constantly. We will be able to create workflows to be able to do various tasks in a simple way: create PDFs, GIFs, icons for the home screen, search for addresses, download all the images of a web.

3.-1Password (free)

1password ios app

We never tire of recommending this app in conjunction with your desktop versions. The best app to manage all your passwords is one of the best applications of 2016 and 2017, and is also free. It has applications for Mac, Windows or android, so you can take your passwords securely to all your devices.

4.-Adobe Photoshop Fix (free)

Adobe Photoshop Fix ios app

All the power of Photoshop on your device with iOS. Adobe has released the app relatively recently and has already become one of the best in the Apple App Store. This focuses on removing imperfections from your photos and does it really well. You can also change the color, focus or light of your shot.

5.-Layout from Instagram (free)

Layout from Instagram ios app

If you have Instagram installed on your iPhone, this app is essential in 2016. We will be able to create collages of our photos in a simple way, creating nice compositions of our photos to upload them to this social network, one of the most popular of 2016 and one Of which it will have greater growth in 2017.

6.-Minecraft – Pocket Edition (6,99 EUR)

Minecraft ios app

The famous building game has an excellent version for iOS. It is a joy to play with her on the iPad. The Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer option with wireless network connection, infinite worlds, caves, new biomedios, groups, villages and much more. With each version it improves by leaps and bounds.

7.-Duolingo (free)

Duolingo ios app

Never learning a language playing had been as easy as with Duolingo. With Duolingo you can learn English, German, French and Portuguese for free and at your own pace. One of the essential apps in 2016 and that repeats again in 2017.

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8.-Google Photos (free)

Google Photos ios app

The app you should have on your iPhone or iPad. It provides you with free backups of your photos in the cloud unlimited and its search functions are spectacular. You can share photos and albums, and your wizard creates very good animations automatically.

9.-Shazam Encore (6,99 EUR)

Shazam encore ios app

Shazam, the best program to recognize songs is reinvented in this version Encore: improved navigation, world music lists, integration with Spotify, watch music videos on YouTube, recommendations and much more. If you want to know all the songs with more success in 2016 and 2017, this is your App.

10.-Periscope (free)

Periscope ios app

The app that brings to your iPhone a world of possibilities: live broadcasts are fashionable, and with this Twitter app you can see concerts, TV shows and everything you can imagine. This app allows you to relay your events by streaming or view others’ in a simple and very intuitive way.

11.-Waze (free)

Best apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) in 2016 and 2017: Waze

One of the best apps to avoid traffic jams wherever you go. The app knows if other users are traveling very fast and how long it takes to reach their destinations. Spectacular. It notifies you of accidents, radars, police …

12.-Inbox by Gmail (free)

Inbox Gmail App Store

If you want to improve your productivity, consult your Gmail email, this is your app. It is becoming a standard. Organize your messages, create alerts, reminders, have all your travel information in one place. Essential.

13.-Day One Daily + (4.99 euros)

Day One Daily iOS app

The best way to keep a journal of your life is this app. Simple to use, minimal and with app for Mac. It can be synchronized with Dropbox or iCloud.

14.-Pokemon Go (free)

The dangers of playing Pokemon Go

The fever broke out a few months ago, and now it has calmed down a bit, but it’s still one of the most entertaining games for iPhone, and it also makes you exercise. Look for your Pokemon in real life and captures.

15.-Tales From Deep Space (3.99 euros)

A spectacular game from Amazon studio. Survive the revolution you’ve found when you reach the moon. A game with incredible quality and very addictive.

Best Spreadsheet App For Ipad