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Bill Pay Spreadsheet

Bill Pay Spreadsheet

Bill Pay Spreadsheet – We have three examples of facts with Microsoft Excel in this web of a professor of the Department of Financial Economy and accounting of the University of La Laguna ULL.

Let’s look at these examples of spreadsheets on the web of this teacher, we can find various books from Excel spreadsheets that, by using macros, not a power to make sales invoices of products, Finally facts of which can Make an independent professional who is in direct or indirect estimation in some cases.
Excel to make the sales invoice of products, through a macro, allows to customize the invoice with our company data and personalization that facilitates the spreadsheet, goes a laser that can do things with products that have the same Products With different types of VAT.

There is also another spreadsheet in Excel (model 2) to make bills for the sale of services. This Excel also allows the personalization of the invoice with our logo and / or the data of our company.

The main difference with the other spreadsheet model in Excel for making invoices is that this spreadsheet for invoicing only allows one type of VAT and that the fields (the names of the columns in Excel) are different , In this case of the services we have one for the reference, another for the concept / description of the service and total. In the case of the Excel spreadsheet to make facts by selling the products, the fields are separate from the reference, number, description, unit price and total.
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For example, there is a third spreadsheet with which to make facts, but in this case (model 3) by independent professionals, the difference in this case is that it is possible to put a withholding tax, be careful that the withholding Hay The start up is 22% and currently, as they know 15% and can be 7% of the first years of activity in Spain.

They are variants of the invoice model of Microsoft Excel, with the advantage that allows the customization and that the way to work, if the spreadsheets with these spreadsheets, have to fill from zero the question in question that can generate each time.

The sheets to download from the web (they are in the menu of the column of the left “Others”, where to put “Tools”):

The Excel spreadsheet program, among many other actions, allows you to make the invoices to make the sales of your company or professional activity.

There are many ways to make an invoice in Excel, the easiest and fastest is to use a template.

Another way is to create it yourself and a third, somewhat more laborious but very practical is to use the Microsoft Word mail merge command and link it to an invoice data table in Excel.

In this first article I explain the first two options, the third I will address later.

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Also in the rest of programs of spreadsheets you will find the similar tools to realize the invoices.

Bill Pay Spreadsheet


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