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Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad

Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad

Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad – Keeping track of household incomes and expenditures is important to avoid unforeseen livelihoods at the end of the month. More information on the current economic situation. To do this you do not need to make a notebook or manage the spreadsheets on your computer. Just with your mobile and one of these applications.

Controlling expenses does not have to be complicated, nor does it involve filling in endless spreadsheets. Enjoy the time you need to spend the day on your iPhone or iPod Touch quickly and easily. In addition, its interface is very clean and pleasant. For starters you only need to indicate the budget you have to spend per day, per week or per month. From there, you only have to include, one by one, the expenses you are going to have, as well as their cost, which will be deducted from the amount forecast.

The application allows you to view a list with the expenses you have had each day, in addition to having an option to automatically export the expense file a CSV format file, which automatically attach an email to send to anyone you want. For now, the service, for which you do not need to create any user account, is free, although in the future it will be a paid service.


Wallo is a service that allows you to completely control your personal accounts. It has applications for Android and iOS, and for the use of linking your bank account to the system. Once done, the tool is responsible for analyzing the accounts and divides their entries between income and expenses. Then you can adjust the ranking, label the entries or generate reports to keep track of your money. To use the service requesting an invitation, which usually arrives in a short time.


IBudget is an application to manage your budget with ease from your iPhone. To generate only you have to indicate your income, which are registered by the application. Then write down the expenses you have, which will be subtracted from your income. By default it includes a proposed amount to spend, in English, whose name and quantity can change when editing. Generates monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports of expenses and / or income.


Miniconta Lite
With Miniconta Lite you can keep detailed control of your income and expenses with your iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as transfers, income and other notes payments. As in other programs of this type, once you enter your earnings, the expenses that you write in the device will be deducted from them automatically. It allows you to see the movements made between the dates of your choice, as well as generate reports based on several criteria.


My Weekly Budget
With My Weekly Budget you can control with your iPhone the expenses you have during the week. Parts of the budget that you decide, and you just have to go to the amounts that you are spending to be subtracted from it. If you need it, you can add more money to the budget. The application allows you to export a report with the money available for the week and the expenses you have had so far a CSV file in order to send an email.

Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad