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Business Expenditure Spreadsheet

Business Expenditure Spreadsheet

Business Expenditure Spreadsheet – Excel allows you, as well as other spreadsheets such as Google Drive spreadsheet, to make in detail a template to take control of expenses of your company or particular business.

In this article, learn how to translate, create a useful template to have all day in the information in reference to the expenses of your business or professional activity and thus be more effective in making decisions.

If you do not take your own accounting, you can ask a manager or a board to indicate the data and do it yourself in the template to keep updated at all times.
Expenses Excel Company – Print screen Microsoft Excel Cuesta Y.
Print screen Microsoft Excel Cuesta Y.

1. Open a book and enter data
Open an Excel workbook and place yourself on one of the pages.

Write in the box the year of the year in the control of expenses, suppose Year 2014, in cell B1 January, in C1 February and so on until December, the next cell being Totales.

2. Continue entering data
In boxes A2, A3, and successive are placed the various types of expenses of the company as the child: Purchases merchandise, Personnel expenses, Loan interest, Light, Telephone, Other expenses, Amortization, etc.

In the cells from January to December and in each type of expense, entering the amounts to which they ascend each one until completing the table completely.

3. Get your template
Located in the column of January, inside the blank cell that follows the last box with data, press of times follows in the summation icon that is located above in the options of the tape, appears the sum of the total of the expenses Of January, repeats the operation for the remaining months.

Analogously in the row of each of the expenses.

You can enhance the appearance of the graphic that formats the boxes, for example by placing bold or color to the titles of the rows and columns, to the totals, of your choice.

4. To finish
If you found this template interesting, you can also be practical:

Create a dashboard or control panel with Excel.

Uses Excel in the company.
Uses of Excel in the company

Excel applications, or in general spreadsheets, in the company are many and not always used. To counter this explicit situation then a series of actions that Excel can perform and apply the shares in the company. I recommend you to be updated in the contents of the site and to subscribe to the Free newsletter and the ecourses.

Business Expenditure Spreadsheet