Mortgage Comparison Spreadsheet Excel

Mortgage Comparison Spreadsheet Excel What is a mortgage? Mortgages are loans offered by banks normally destined to the purchase or remodeling of real estate, being able to constitute habitual residence or second residence. Therefore the guarantee of the mortgage is the mortgaged property itself. With our mortgage comparator you have the possibility to find the […]

Farm Accounting Spreadsheet Free

Farm Accounting Spreadsheet Free – Farm Accounting Spreadsheet It is the Economic Situation of the Community, that is, it is responsible for determining, measuring and quantifying the economic data of the community, in order to serve for decision making and control. It is divided into Tables, Daily, Charges, Reports and Processes. Business maintenance It is […]

Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example

Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example – The sales forecast is the estimation or forecast of the sales of a product during a certain period of time. The market demand for a product of the total volume that can be bought by a specific group of consumers, in a specific geographical area, for a specific period, in […]

Sample Spreadsheet For Business Expenses

Sample Spreadsheet For Business Expenses – Excel allows you, as well as other spreadsheets such as Google Drive spreadsheet, to make in detail a template to take control of expenses of your company or particular business. In this article read the comments, following the simple steps, create a useful template to have all day in […]

How To Make Your Own Budget Spreadsheet

How To Make Your Own Budget Spreadsheet – The creation of an annual budget that allows us to know if after a certain period of time, usually a year, it has reached the expected economic results. The annual budgets are made in advance, either in a business or company; Or an individual or a family. […]

Income and Expense Spreadsheet Template Excel

Income and Expense Spreadsheet Template Excel – Income and expenses, this is a simple Excel sheet, which can serve to maintain the accounting of income and expenses. This sheet has a column for income and another column for expenses, so you only have to enter in each cell the corresponding amount, this way you will […]

Income Projection Spreadsheet

Income Projection Spreadsheet – With this template Excel is a monthly budget of income and expenses for the whole year (12 months). Ideal for a home budget or a small business. We have focused on simplicity, but do not forget that Excel allows you to build much more complex budgets! If you need a good […]

House Buying Calculator Spreadsheet

House Buying Calculator Spreadsheet – The information resulting from these simulations is merely indicative, so that the financial data are likely to vary in the event of the application and the granting of the loan by each financial institution. The sole purpose of this tool is to guide the estimated cost depending on the data […]

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet – Excel investment management sheets to download Use “Right click, Save target as …” to download excel templates to your computer. ARCHIVE DESCRIPTION Change of actions Help to substitute a share held in the portfolio by another based on the dividends collected from each of them Mortgage Calculate mortgage payments (or any […]