Azure Pricing Spreadsheet

Azure Pricing Spreadsheet – Azure Functions External Tables Links (draft version) 2017-4-12 3 minutes to read Collaborators Alex Karcher OpenLocalizationService. This article shows how to manipulate tabular data from SaaS providers (for example, Sharepoint and Dynamics) within the function with built-in links. Azure Functions supports inbound and outbound links for external tables. This is the […]

Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet

Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet – How to plan Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet in Excel Thanks to Excel’s template for vehicle maintenance they have a provision of one of the most useful resources for their work. This spreadsheet is very simple and you can customize it in different sections and use it as if it were […]

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools – Business Intelligence Tools is a type of application software designed to collaborate with business intelligence (BI) processes in organizations. Specifically, these are tools that assist the analysis and presentation of the data. While some Business Intelligence tools do not include ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Load) functionality, ETL tools are generally […]

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet – Calculate vacation days in ExcelCalculate vacation days in Excel Workers of a company are entitled to an annual holiday period, and depending on the labor laws of each country, a method is established to calculate the vacation days to which the worker is entitled. In the vast majority of countries, […]

Examples Of Spreadsheets

Examples Of Spreadsheets – The Simple example of a spreadsheet in excel. Too simple but does its job. In the first column, we have the list of products. In the second, the total amount we have of each product and in the third its price. Now, the last column, Maxima Gain, this last column is […]

History Of Spreadsheets

History Of Spreadsheets – In 1961 the concept of an electronic spreadsheet was glimpsed in Richard Mattessich’s Budgeting Models and System Simulation. Pardo and Landau deserve part of the credit for these types of programs, and in fact attempted to patent (US patent number 4,398,249) some of the algorithms in 1970. The patent was not […]

Homebrew Spreadsheet

Homebrew Spreadsheet – Writing applications like other applications are widely used on all mobile systems today. The PSP is not far behind. In previous articles showed about the application PSPwrite version 1.2.1, which allows you to write, edit and use it as a book reader. In this explanatory photo on the spreadsheet that has revolutionized […]

Lotus Spreadsheet Download

Lotus Spreadsheet Download – Lotus 1-2-3 was a spreadsheet program developed by the now-defunct US company Lotus Development Corporation, which was acquired by IBM in 1996. It was the first killer application (“killer application”) for the IBM PC platform . The immense popularity it achieved in the mid-1980s significantly contributed to the success of PCs […]

P90x Spreadsheet

P90x Spreadsheet¬†– Tracking the results of any exercise routine is paramount to the success of your program. P90X is no different. Tracking your weights, repetitions and time will help you push yourself every day during the program, so you can get the results you are looking for. Many sites have P90X worksheets listed. Two options […]

Pc Miler Spreadsheets

Pc Miler Spreadsheets¬†– PC Miler is an application for routing, mapping and software designed for the transport industry. It offers features like showing the most profitable routes that depend on your personalized preferences. It also shows the quality of the roads, the terrain and the distance of its routes. You can also add stops and […]