Open Office Spreadsheet Templates

Open Office Spreadsheet Templates – Professional templates divided into several categories: Commercial Correspondence, Other Commercial, Financial, Personal Correspondence, Posters and Presentations. Templates to use in bulk data loading from spreadsheet in. Data import template for Excel. Data import template for OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Usage Procedure This method is very flexible and allows you to make […]

Genealogy Spreadsheet Template

Genealogy Spreadsheet Template – How to make a Genealogy Spreadsheet Template 3 methods: Using a SmartArt template (Excel 2007 or later) Using a basic spreadsheet Genealogies are typical school jobs and a fun way to teach others your ancestors. Excel is also able to perform more complex genealogical projects, although for projects that are longer […]

Insurance Spreadsheet Template

Insurance Spreadsheet Template – One of the most powerful things about Microsoft Excel and related spreadsheet programs is the fact that it can be used to create detailed budget spreadsheets that can be used to save money and make smart decisions. One of the best ways to save money and track your insurance costs is […]

Home Insurance Quote Sheet Template

Home Insurance Quote Sheet Template How to calculate home insurance? Before hiring home insurance, it is important to make a good assessment of the continent – the dwelling itself and the content – everything we have in our home: furniture, appliances, works of art, clothes, jewelry … The protective measures Of the address like cameras […]

Medical Spreadsheet Templates

Medical Spreadsheet Templates – The basic course that we started now is to start spreadsheet management for people who do not have a habit in it. For this reason, it will begin with basic rudiments about the structure of a spreadsheet and the introduction of data, and in successive deliveries will be offering increasingly complex […]

Micropile Design Spreadsheet

Micropile Design Spreadsheet – In this case we will use the formulation of the “Guide for the design and execution of micropiles to the ground in road works” of the Ministry of Public Works, based on the friction values ​​of the unit of measurement obtained by empirical correlations. First of all, calculate the unit friction […]