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Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Client Tracking Spreadsheet – How To Make a Client Tracking Spreadsheet

With the passage of time Excel templates have become our best ally to take care of business processes to the fullest. This is the case of customer tracking, where thanks to the Excel functions offered by spreadsheets we have the opportunity to establish a comprehensive control of the activity of our customers, to always offer them the best.

How to develop customer tracking in Excel
From the Excel template for customer tracking, we have at our disposal a most effective tool to monitor the activity of customers, both potential customers and customers whose volume of participation is lower. The process is very simple since it acts as an Excel database in which we will only have to fill each of the boxes by following these steps:

  1. The date of contact, when business relations began.
  2. Your personal data, always with absolute privacy.
  3. The status of the client or activities it performs.
  4. The level of proposals and acquisitions.

In addition, in the comments section we can indicate all the data of interest that help us maintain a good quality relation for the client and the company.

Free template for customer tracking in Excel
Below you will find at your disposal this free download template so you can complete all the procedures and evaluate a customer follow up in Excel. Do not wait any longer and start organizing everything much better so you do not miss anything and have everything under control.

Premium Template Customer Tracking
Discover this template to track your customers and increase your conversion ratio thanks to the control of your business proposals. Easily review what stage each customer is in the buying process and do the billing forecast. You can analyze the forecast of each of them in the chart and the table that we have enabled for it. It includes 4 tabs to take control of the clients and the proposals presented: Insertion of your products and services, BBDD for the proposals, BBDD of the companies contacted and chart for the control of the same monthly, quarterly and annual. Control your sales!

Use this Excel template to track customers and keep your orders organized in the company. Learn to organize yourself better with this database in Excel with the help of this free spreadsheet.

Client Tracking Spreadsheet