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Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel

Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel

Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel – Do you need to make a work estimate? Here we tell you how to do it!

Estimates are fundamental in the execution and development of a work, in this article we explain what they are.

Today we will talk about a very interesting topic and unfortunately, there is very little information and are: The estimates of work. Before beginning to talk about the estimates, it should be emphasized that the information or procedure for making the estimates may vary according to the type of work and the country where it is executed, so the information presented here is generic since both budgets Of work as estimates are specific to each location due to the different prices of different materials and wages in each country.

Entering into matter we must begin by defining what are estimates of work. Well, the work estimates are defined as the number of volumes calculated according to the work done on site. The volume of the generating number of the concept is multiplied by the unit price corresponding to that work and that must be defined in the catalog of concepts, to the whole of these volumes multiplied by their price and summed in total is called work estimate. The estimate of the work progress also has to do with the type of contract under which it is being worked, it is not the same estimate advance under contract at an elevated price (where practically no more volume has to be calculated because it was previously calculated and authorized) Than working on a contract for unit prices. In some cases you have to calculate and check volume and in others, nothing else is calculated to advance the work, so here is how you can make a generic estimate.


Estimates as well as generating numbers and unit prices have their own format, it should be clarified that this format may vary depending on whether the work is public or private or if the tender includes institutional formats with which to work, but A generic way we can say that in the format of estimates the work data (customer name, company, work, location, execution period, etc.) are placed at the top of the worksheet. This format can be perfectly executed in An Excel spreadsheet for example, in another part are placed in table mode all the items to be elaborated with their respective concept, unit, quantity, unit price and amount, must also be left another section to attach a sketch and another to photographic evidence.

Surely you will wonder why we should leave one section for sketches and another for photographic evidence? Well, in the big works usually subcontracts to companies that are dedicated to some particular job such as: Electrical, hydraulic, smithy, etc. These companies or contractors will charge according to the volumes executed in the work, for it in each concept is annexed a sketch (usually in architectural plan) about the exact place in the work where the work was executed, whereas the photographic evidence is The visual test with which it can be verified that this work has already been carried out, of course that the main constructor or the client can verify “in situ” the work done and see if it corresponds with the required quality standards. The concepts of job estimation and quantification of volumes come almost hand in hand because to be able to carry out the estimation it is necessary to first quantify the volume in the work and from there make the calculation that will derive in the collection for the work done.

Another way to work on the job is when the builder is charging the client the work by estimates, in this case the procedure is practically the same but in the format must also add the progress that is intended to be supported supported by the generator numbers and Unit prices, in addition you must carry the control and percentage of accumulated or already executed volumes and those that are still to be executed. Usually this procedure is done when you are going to collect advances and you have to be very attentive with all taxes (in Mexico the VAT).

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Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel