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Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet – Today, all public and private organizations are involved in a complicated interaction of material resources, processes, products, information flows, and finances that need to be aligned and synchronized over time.

The management of contracts, purchases and acquisitions is an extremely useful tool for those responsible for the planning and implementation of logistics within the supply chain management, that is why at the University of Piura we developed this Specialization Program.


Provide training that strengthens strong competencies for effective contract management, procurement and procurement of the project.
Addressed to

Professionals who manage or participate in the management of projects within their organization and who have responsibilities in the contractual management thereof. Engineers with industrial specialty, mines, mechanics, computer and civil constructors, managers, contract managers and managers, project engineer, project engineer, managers and operations managers, projects, studies and development, planning and control heads Projects , Project Risk Managers, Procurement and Procurement Advisors, Procurement and Procurement Department.

The Specialization Program in Management of Contracts, Purchases and Acquisitions grants 88 PDU’s, the rights of PMI members:

Maintain PMI certification.

The methodology of the program is based, fundamentally, on the lecture-colloquium, and the use of the case method and teamwork.
It has five group works, three exhibitions and 10 exams
The delivery of the diploma is required to obtain a final average of the mayor equal to 60% which equals 12.

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet