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Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet – Financial needs make people take debts to meet the expenses that are necessary to improve the standard of living or to be able to advance professionally. The problem arises when there is no accurate analysis of the ability to pay to meet the commitments, which can lead to a mess in the pocket.

Sometimes, those who have a debt usually self-conclude by performing simple bills and the promise of “spending less next month,” the equivalent of “I start on Monday” with diets.

Given a situation of indebtedness and if you want to get out as soon as possible, you must first recognize that it is part of a process. It is recommended to be patient and focus on debts that are more urgent and can have greater consequences.

In that sense, according to Andrés Stangalini, head of Estudio Stangalini, the debt that must be given priority is the most expensive, which is usually the one generated by a credit card. “Always debating the first debts more expensive so they grow faster when you do not pay,” he adds.

The minimum payment for a credit card is much more expensive than a personal loan. In many cases it assumes interest on the debt balance of more than 60% and 70% per annum. Stangalini explains that credit card debts are usually the most expensive, followed by personal and vehicle loans; While the cheapest are the mortgages.

“It is important to take special care not to affect your financial reputation,” he adds regarding a non-minor fact that can affect a person’s financial development. The more efforts to reduce debts, the better the credibility and reporting that entities throughout a future, translate into having access to better credits.

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

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