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Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet

Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet

Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet – First of all you have a makes Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet, please read this articles, and when you final your reading, you can get free Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet Templates.

Oke, Since Disney pursued all sorts of spoilers, some things have changed in their usual repertoire of queens and princesses.

Although the last time it was played by the European, Pocahontas led the story with which the empire Mickey Mouse intended to settle accounts with so much stereotyping in previous films. Mulan, of the Chinese dynasties, went to war against the Huns dressed as a man. And Tania, who was seen coming, became the first African descendant to which they put a crown. Unnamed: You were left owing the Afro Prince, for another kind of happy ending, but you can not say that the Disney ones did not try.

Rather, what they have done with so much minority membership can be considered the answer to a murky past. A not so distant past in which a well-colonial Tarzan strutted like king and lord of Africa in which there were no descendants, while these reappeared, between king and reign, turned into monkeys with rhythm, bacaneados crows that imitate the accent Safe Of the times of slavery and hyenas, of course malevolent, dark, disloyal, speaking in the hip hop language of cities and their corners.

The list of stereotypes towards Afro descendants, it is understood, is very long. And the same can be said of the Asians, of the Indians, of the Latins. But it was other times, it is also understood, in which political correctness was no reason for discussion. So now, on the contrary, everything is different. Or so the top Disney executives say. These are moments of respect and diversity. The joy of multiculturalism, the fun of so many mixed cultures, so many colors and varieties, so many smells and textures, has forever penetrated their stories and drawings.

And not just the stories and their drawings, but also the spreadsheets and wallets. Marketing strategies. For no other way is it explained that Sofia, the new princess with enormous clear eyes, reddish hair and milky skin, is the quota that they propose for the Chinese years to get the character of the Latin from Chacabano, noisy, emotional and bellicose, who always The embarras, with trap or with robbery. Sofia, and the Latina who, besides being a princess, does not seem Latin.

However, seeing the Hispanic audience reacted to the questions and bad gestures before the Caucasian and Latin water vendors, the geniuses of multiculturalism to Disney reported that no longer, that in fact Sofia was not a Latina. What is important, explained an inspiring executive, “is that Sofia is a girl in a fairy tale living in a fairy tale world.”

And then yes, maybe that last sea completely true. Then they go from bitter to those who always find something racist or sexist in Disney movies. Moreover, it is possible to predict that there will always be a debate about the not so Afro that is the supposed Afro that captivated the imagination of the children, or how little indigenous the resultant ecological and spiritual Indian with which he comes the instructions of Such or such a doll. Well apart from its worrying fixation with the crowns, in the end what is in Disney is just that: a fairy tale, only from a time to here inspired by the more official and chewable version of multiculturalism. This is: a fairy tale in which other (and others) who never qualified for royalty have their space in the Disney world as long as they look like Sofia, the princess who was once a Latina before being a princess.

Disney Trip Planner Spreadsheet