Employee Schedule Excel Spreadsheet

Employee Schedule Excel Spreadsheet – The Excel Worksheet for Employees’ Holiday Schedule allows you to keep track of the days your employees take according to various reasons ranging from vacation to days due to illness.

Features of the template

– You can choose the year you need and the month based on the selector
– It has weekly working days that determine and the holidays
– Obtains the total per month, the annual total and the reason the employee was absent
– It calculates the pending days that the employee has to take
– You can add more
– Its easy visualization makes it possible to organize the holidays of the employees better avoiding overlaps
-There are macros that need to be activated

Employee Holidays

It is highly recommended for those employers who have several people a load, given that not only is it useful for recorders tomatoes that can also be recorded on the days that are planned to take to understand if there is overlapping vacations of several employees, and if it is necessary That some of them reprogram the days or look for a replacement, avoiding that the production or sale process is not stopped.

Employee Schedule Excel Spreadsheet