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Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory

Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory

Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory – Dear followers I created a form using macros and functions in Excel completely free. Do not hesitate to send your constructive opinions.

Stock control:

Warehouse is the place, internal or external, own or contracted, where we have stock materials that are necessary for operations, whether sales, production or services.

Also the warehouse is the obligatory place where all the materials that for any reason enter the company must pass physically and / or administratively.

The people who work in the warehouse, we have a challenge: to demonstrate that it is able to obtain profits for the company and is not simply a useless expense; We have to achieve that the cost of storage is much lower than the benefits that are obtained by satisfying in a timely and economic way the requirements of the user and / or client. To this end, the main job that corresponds to the warehouse, is to manage the stocks optimally, otherwise, it will be a costly burden.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to perform the following functions:

  1. Control of materials
  2. Programming
  3. Purchases
  4. Warehouses

Material control determines What do we have to acquire? It outlines the minimum specifications that a material must meet to meet the needs of the company.

Materials control is also responsible for “Materials Study” and for the determination and maintenance of the Materials Catalog.

The control of materials ensures that the quality (determined by a set of specifications) of each of the materials is well defined. When there is no material control, that is, you do not specify exactly what you buy, in the company there will be many Inactive Materials, which unnecessarily increase warehouse costs. In order to fulfill this task, control of materials, must coordinate with the user, quality control, engineering, procurement and in many cases, request assistance from suppliers and with friendly companies. I send the warehouse control in Excel.

Excel Spreadsheet For Warehouse Inventory

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