Expenses Tracker Spreadsheet

Expenses Tracker Spreadsheet – Today is a printable that comes perfect for the September season, but also to keep a running costs for the remaining months. It is a monitoring of expenses, to control everything that goes in and out of our pocket;)

This is a slightly longer version (since it occupies two pages) of which is included in Agenda 2016-2017. I confess that I have many small expenses and income and the agenda was small, so I did this to carry the extensive follow up and then pass the summary to the other side. And I said, it’s already a step in comparison!

It is based on the Kakebo technique, although adapting it little by little. For example, there is a lot of space for “incomes”, which, to which you have a salary, there is no shortage, but to which we are autonomous, they do not come well;)

In addition, he has made two different models. A minimalist and in a single ink, which can also be decorated and we want, as seen in the photos. And another more colorful, so you need a little more joy when counting expenses: P

I think the use is quite clear. They are monthly so everyone has the tendency to print one, or fill it with pencil and blot and new account. The next time we have an expense, there are two things why you really want to see that caprice reflected in the folio and looking defiant throughout the month? Start saving!

Expenses Tracker Spreadsheet