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Family Tree Spreadsheet

Family Tree Spreadsheet

Family Tree Spreadsheet – Family trees are typical school jobs and a fun way to teach others your ancestors. Excel is also able to perform more complex genealogical projects, although for projects that are longer term, you may prefer to use a specialized program.

Use a template

1. Create a new document from a template. Select File → New from template in case you have the option. In some versions of Excel, simply selecting File → New will open a panel where you can choose between different templates.

2. Find a template for a family tree. This template is not preinstalled, so you’ll need to connect to the Internet to find it. Search for “genealogical tree” to find two options available for free download. In case you do not see the search bar, look in “Microsoft Office Online,” “Office.com” or “Network Templates” depending on your version of Excel. [1] [2] Select the subsection “Personal” and browse the family tree templates.
You may not see these options in case you use Excel 2007 or an earlier version. You can search unofficial templates online or go to the following sections to find other options.

3. Test the basic family tree graph. The “Genealogic Tree Template” chart is a basic spreadsheet with colored cells to delineate the family tree. There is only room for you and four generations of direct ancestors. This is a good choice for school work, but not for a longer search. To use it, simply click the colored cells and enter the name of the members of your family.
To add cells to your siblings, copy and paste “your” cell into another cell in the same column so that it turns the same green color. Similarly, it is possible to copy and paste the cells of your parents in the same column to create clearer green cells for your aunts and uncles.

4. Create a larger family tree. In case you work with a more complex tree, select the “Genealogical tree” template. Uses the SmartArt feature, which requires the use of Excel 2007 or a later version. [3] It is possible to click on the boxes and enter the names of your relatives, but there will also be many more features:
Click anywhere in the document to display the text panel. This will allow you to edit the family tree with a simple and compact list. To add another relative, press the + button at the top of the panel. With the new cell selected, use the → or ← buttons to move between generations. Click and drag to move it under the name of your son or daughter.
The SmartArt loop menu has many visual options about the document itself. For example, it is possible to click on the “Hierarchy” icon to see a selection of ways to display the data.


Use SmartArt (Excel 2007 or later)

1. Click the SmartArt icon on the menu bar. In modern versions of Excel, it is possible to use the feature called “SmartArt” to make the diagrams more attractive. Select “SmartArt” from the menu bar above the blank worksheet to get started.
In Excel 2007, select the “Insert” tab and then search SmartArt in the “Illustrations” group

2. Create a hierarchy. When the menu bar displays SmartArt options, select the “Hierarchy” icon next to the left side of the menu. Select the visual style you want and it will appear in the spreadsheet.

3. Fill in the family tree. It is possible to drag and enlarge the new diagram just like any other Excel object. Click on each blank shape or line inside the diagram to enter the name of your family tree.
Alternatively, use the text pane that appears when you select the diagram. Any changes you make to the text pane will directly affect the appearance of the diagram.


Use a basic worksheet

1. Select “Insert shape”. Create a new spreadsheet in Excel. Click Insert at the top of the menu or menu bar, then click Shape. Choose a rectangle, oval or any other shape.

2. Put it in the spreadsheet. Click and drag it to the worksheet to “draw” the shape. To create a perfect circle or square, hold down the Shift key while dragging the shape.

3. Write your name on the form. Click on the form below and enter your name. Adjust the size, color, and other styles you want from the font before continuing to the next step.

4. Copy and paste to create more shapes. Select the copy you have just drawn and copy it with the ^ Ctrl + C (⌘ Cmd + C on Mac) keys. Paste as many copies as you need by repeatedly pressing the ^ Ctrl + V keys.

5. Organize the family tree. Click and drag the shapes to create the silhouette of the family tree. The most common is to place one at the bottom of the worksheet, two in a row on it, two more on these, and so on. Click on each shape and enter the name of each family member.

6. Insert lines. Return to the “Insert shapes” menu and select the zigzag line. Click and drag it to the worksheet to draw a line that connects the shape with the two above you (the parents). Just like before, copy and paste to create new lines and drag them to place them in place.

7. Enter additional information. In case you want, it is possible to include birth dates or notes under each name. It is also possible to add it inside the form itself, or click on the cells just below each name to enter this information.

PowerPoint also has a template for family trees.

Family Tree Spreadsheet

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