Fmla Tracking Spreadsheet

Fmla Tracking Spreadsheet – The Family Medical Law (FMLA) requires employee employers to leave the trail and estimate their return date. If you are a human resources manager or administrative assistant who has been assigned this task, you can set up an Excel program to track each employee’s license date, expected return date and current status. You will have contact information on your fingertips as well.

1 Collect all the paper documentation you need to transfer data to Microsoft Excel.

2 Open Excel and create 11 columns in a new spreadsheet, name, unique identifier field, address, city, state, zip code, phone1, phone2, date of return and status. Date of departure and return date should be date fields.

3 Enter all the data of your written records into the Excel spreadsheet. Status is recorded as an employee is on the way to return to work. Place an “unknown” state for employees who are seriously ill or have their license under open circumstances. Employees in this latter category of nursing include someone caring for a child or a spouse with cancer, for example.

4 Sort the data in “status”. You now have an employee monitoring system using the FMLA.

Fmla Tracking Spreadsheet

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