Formwork Design Spreadsheet

Formwork Design Spreadsheet – For all members of our community of Excel spreadsheets for civil engineering, we continue with the contributions related to the metric calculations, now I present this Excel spreadsheet that helps them with the calculation of the wooden formwork of a slab, at the end of the Publication will find the download link.

Slab formwork

The data necessary to start the calculation of the formwork are the following:

– Dimensions of the slab (length, width, thickness of the slab)

The elements that are taken into account for the calculation of the formwork are:

– Backboard

– Ribs

– Beam

– Struts

– Flanges

– Wedge and contracuña

– Standing floor

The result is the total amount of wood in square feet (Pie²).

Note. Another element that you can modify according to your criteria are the spacings of several elements like the props and the ribs.

I hope your comments about this template, do not forget to share our publications related to the metric computations of the different structural elements, if you want to share an Excel worksheet with the civil engineering community, you can do it by sending it to our mail … greetings and have a good day : D

Download: Here


Metric counts columns


Good morning colleagues of our community of civil engineering, continuing with the contributions of Excel spreadsheets of metric calculations, now I present this spreadsheet that helps them with the metric calculations of rectangular columns of reinforced concrete, I hope you like and do not forget to leave your comments.

Metric compounds columns

The necessary data for the calculation are the following:

– Column dimensions (Both sides, height)

The points that are taken into account for the metric count:

Concrete volume

– Amount of cement according to dosage

– Amount of sand according to dosage

– Amount of gravel according to dosage

Armature computation

– Longitudinal armature

– Stirrups

– Final summary of materials

Note. To inform them that in the same way to the previous tables of metric calculations, they can modify the values according to their criteria, as for example the yields of materials by cubic meter (Cement, sand, gravel), as well as the commercial ironwork that is used for Calculate the total weight of the armor, in this sheet was generally considered a 5% loss of materials during the construction process.

Formwork Design Spreadsheet