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Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates For Small Business

Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates For Small Business

Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates For Small Business – If you still carry the accounts of your business by hand, in this message you find more than 150 excel templates for accounting, economics, finance, management, expenses, inventories, budgets, strategic planning and sales, to organize more efficiently the entire Information you handle.

All templates have been prepared and published by the site planillaexcel.com. Just click on the template you are interested in and then indicate to which email you want it sent. In a matter of seconds you have the template in your mailing list so you can start using it.

If you prefer, you can also check our Business Software section for other free management tools for your business.

Excel Templates for Accounting, Finance and Business Management
Accounting Templates in Excel:

Statement of financial position
Accounting balance
Checking Checks
Cash flow
Bank reconciliation
Calculation of working capital
Liquidation of vat
Daily book and ledger
Balance sheet
Portfolio statement and provision
Earned Value Management
Calculation of import unit cost

Excel Templates:

Tug and van calculation
Variable cost and fixed cost calculation
Deflate sets in historical value
Calculation of the real exchange rate
Computation of investment multiplier
Law of diminishing returns
Calculation of substitution effect and income
Production function and costs
Balance between supply and demand
Consumer decision and indifference curves
Solow growth model
Growth of malthus
Monopoly balance
Market equilibrium with tax
Model is lm mundell flemming
Lorenz curve and curve coefficient
Competitive firm and industry balance
Cardinal utility

Finance Templates in Excel:

Financial plan in Excel for your Business
Calculation of loans and deposits
Simple and compound interest calculation
Calculation of the rsi indicator
Calculation of mobile media (macd)
Calculation of the tub, tea and different types of tea
Fibonacci calculator
Portfolio Analysis
Financial ratios
Calculation of the king
Amortization of the German and French system
Calculating the king of cpm prints
Portfolio Management
Decision to buy or lease property
Black and scholes
Z-score value analysis
Price Comparison of Suppliers
Amortization of loans
Cash control
Control of entry and exit of money
Withdrawal Calculator 401 (k)
Calculation of expected return on shares
Calculation of value at risk (montecarlo simulation)
Purchase in installments vs cash purchase
Savings goal
Control of membership fees
Portfolio Optimization
Convexity and duration of bonds
Repayment period
Template in excel to realize the projections of your enterprise
Financial Projections in Excel

Expense Templates in Excel:

Control of income and expenses
Cost control
Mileage and refund registration
Employee Expense Report
Credit Card Expenses
Expenses with credit card (simple version)
Vehicle Expense Calculator
Vehicle Maintenance Record
Income and expenses
Income and Expenses Chart
Business expenses
Calculation of km per liter
Credit Card Debt Calculator
Saving by spending cut
Control of credit card fees

Templates for Inventory Management in Excel:

Stock control
Inventory control
Valuation of peps (fifo) shares ueps (lifo) and pp
Hardware Inventory
Inventory method retail
Gross profit method
Stock, billing and cost
Management of perishable products
Wine inventory
Stock of property
Budget, inventory and collection management

Templates for Planning in Excel:

Project time scale (gantt)
Schedule work shifts
Reservation of patient shifts
Travel itinerary
List of camping
Cost of startups
Marketing plan
Conference schedule
Dafo analysis
Kraljic matrix
Project tracking
Dynamic gantt calendar
Production schedule
Calculation of equilibrium point
Template to apply the quality PHVA cycle
Business Planning and Management Tools

Budget Templates in Excel:

Budget sheet
Construction budget
Monthly annual budget
Wedding Budget
Marketing Budget
Housing work budget
Budget waterfall
Kitchen Remodeling
Revenue and cost budget
Works budget google worksheet
Training budget
Party budget
Christmas budget
Sales budget
Purchasing Planning
Budget, inventory and collection management
Templates for budgeting your company

Templates for Human Resource Management in Excel:

Calculation of weekly overtime
Schedule work shifts
Calculation of overtime (simple model)
Employee Vacation Schedule
Job Application
Status of positions
Employee Profile
Employee discharge
Absence of employees
Database employed
Employee Performance Evaluation
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Excel Sales Templates:

Payment forecasts
Sales planning
Control of invoices collection
Total financial cost (cft) of credit cards
Credit card sales form
Sales commission calculation
Percentage commission calculation
Online sales tracking
Price list
Real Estate Salesperson Commission
Weekly Sales
Invoice report
Sales diversion report
Price list in different currencies
Sales analysis abc
Sellers Ranking

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Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates For Small Business