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Free Excel Spreadsheets For Small Business

Free Excel Spreadsheets For Small Business – Excel templates free finance and accounting

Who are the ones who carry the accounts of your business by hand? We like the interest you show for your company, so we want to help you do it more easily and quickly with this post. We bring you 100 templates on finance, accounting, expenses and much more for your excel. The most useful and most popular tools for your daily use.

Excel Finance Templates

  1. Cost control
  2. Monthly annual budget
  3. Simple and compound interest calculation
  4. Tug and van calculation
  5. Cash flow
  6. Calculation of working capital
  7. Expenses with credit card (simple version)
  8. Portfolio Analysis
  9. Financial ratios
  10. Price Comparison of Suppliers
  11. Amortization of loans
  12. Income and expenses
  13. Cash control
  14. Savings goal
  15. ROI Calculation
  16. Portfolio Management
  17. Control of entry and exit of money
  18. Calculation of return in actions
  19. Control of membership fees
  20. Portfolio Optimization
  21. Repayment period
  22. Projections for Entrepreneurship
  23. Financial projections in excel
  24. Amortization of the German and French system
  25. Decision to buy or lease property
  26. Calculation of value at risk
  27. Buy in installments vs. cash purchase
  28. Z-score value analysis
    Excel templates for budgets

Budget sheet

  1. Monthly annual budget
  2. Marketing Budget
  3. Business expenses
  4. Sales budget
  5. Purchasing Planning
  6. Work Budget
  7. Budget of Income and Costs
  8. Training budget
  9. Budget, inventory and collection management
  10. Templates for budgeting your business
  11. Party budget
  12. Excel templates for accounting

Statement of financial position

  1. Bank reconciliation
  2. VAT clearance
  3. Daily book and ledger
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Related searches
  6. Accounting Balance
  7. Checking Checks
  8. Bank reconciliation
  9. Calculation of import unit cost
  10. Cash flow
  11. Calculation of working capital
  12. Sales Excel templates


  1. Control of billing
  2. Price list
  3. Invoice report
  4. Sales diversion reporting
  5. Price list in different currencies
  6. Projected Payments
  7. Sales plan
  8. Sales commission calculation
  9. Weekly Sales
  10. Price list
  11. Online sales tracking
  12. Reduce expenses

Excel templates for inventory

  1. Stock control
  2. Inventory control
  3. Management of perishable products
  4. Stock of property
  5. Budget, inventory and collection management
  6. Stock, billing and cost
  7. Inventory method retail
  8. Hardware Inventory
  9. Gross profit method
  10. Management of perishable products
  11. Budget, inventory and collection management
  12. Wine inventory
  13. Peps Stock Valuation
  14. Stock of property
  15. Excel Economy Templates

Calculation of IRR and VAN

  1. Calculation of variable costs and fixed costs
  2. Balanced supply and demand
  3. Competitive firm and industry balance
  4. Law of diminishing returns
  5. Production function and costs
  6. Calculation of the real exchange rate
  7. Calculation of substitution effect and income
  8. Consumer decision and indifference curves
  9. Equilibrium of monopoly
  10. Market balance with tax
  11. Competitive firm and industry balance
  12. Excel templates for expenses

Cost control

  1. Employee Expense Report
  2. VAT clearance
  3. Control of entry and exit of money
  4. Business expenses
  5. Kilometer Registration and Refund
  6. Credit Card Expenses
  7. Vehicle Expenses Calculator
  8. Income and expenses
  9. Saving by spending cut

Free Excel Spreadsheets For Small Business

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