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Free Spreadsheet Apps

Free Spreadsheet Apps

Free Spreadsheet Apps – You can work with your spreadsheets online, Excel online and others, and also free then you 5 programs that meet these features.

01. Google Drive spreadsheets

Google gives you access to a free tool where you can work with spreadsheets and do all your work, it’s called Google Drive, (before Google Docs). In it you will find among other programs, besides the electronic sheet, a word processor and a presentation generator.

Google Drive spreadsheets allow you to perform a variety of actions that can help you a lot in your daily work and yet you disburse money for an electronic spreadsheet application and it is totally free. Keep reading ”

02. Smartsheet

Another solution within the programs of data scan sheets, this application is easy to use and is available on the line so you can access it from any device with Internet connection.

Your image is like the rest of the electronic sheets that you know, highlights their many tips, videos and examples that can be accessed quickly and clearly explain how to perform each process. Keep reading ”

03. ThinkFree

The ThinkFree Online service provides a free Web Office package of 1 GB of online storage.
You can use a variety of devices to access and manage stored documents.

It offers utilities for both simple editing and small spreadsheets to create advanced spreadsheets. Having most of the features that bring the rest of the programs and that the child waiting on an application of electronic sheets. Keep reading ”

04. Zoho Leaf

Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet that allows you to create, edit and share spreadsheets in addition in real time. It can work with lots of data, functions, formulas and graphics. It is a high productivity application that allows collaboration between different users.

To get started quickly with this program you can import Excel spreadsheets you already have. You can also export spreadsheets to various formats.

Among its utilities are: Autofilter, conditional formatting, Graphics, Dynamic Tables, Macros, … Read more ยป

05. Office 365

Office 365 allows Microsoft office programs, Microsoft Office, among them Excel course, in the cloud instead of on your personal computer.

Free Spreadsheet Apps