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Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel

Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel

Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel or Microsoft Vs Google

If I had been given a Euro for every time someone asked me for a copy of Office for free, I would now be rich. And precisely, Google has come to democratize, or perhaps to hit the table to break the trend of so many years. I mean the monopoly of Microsoft, logically.

But before we see if we are interested in or not using one product or another, I think it is strictly speaking about how we have arrived at this situation. I tend to think that over the years, 99% of companies, if not 100%, have been using the Office suite, both legally and illegally. And the attempts to introduce other options like Open Office or Libre Office now, are completely outdated. The gratuity argument had no effect since many Office licenses were fraudulently installed by companies. So much insistence for the companies to give the change, did not have the expected effect. You can check that at the moment I am not talking about the domestic sector.

Google Excel would be a good name … maybe

On the other hand is the real use we give to this type of tools and specifically today I will talk about spreadsheets (Excel and SpreadSheet) because I am fully learning to use them in a professional way. If there was a way to know the use we give to each of the tools that make up the Microsoft suite, surely not even 10% of those functions would be using. I do not know if you can know this information or if there are statistics and even venturing is not the best option, but I have not seen almost anyone squeeze them out. This is extrapolable to almost any suite that do everything, such as Adobe. And at this point, enter Google on the scene and give us your applications in the cloud to use and enjoy all of us.

Google, as we know, enters like an elephant in a pottery shop and ends with everything, or as I said before, democratizes the use of tools. Do you really think about it when you have the option of using a spreadsheet, a document or a presentation, completely free? I know not, since many users of the Microsoft suite do not know the existence of Google apps. This will change little by little but let’s see the pros and cons of using both.

Google Spreadsheet


  1. It’s free.
  2. Cloud storage (Google Drive).
  3. Almost everyone uses Gmail as an email.
  4. Google Docs Ecosystem


  1. Little used at personal and business level.
  2. It’s not like Excel at 100% and exporting spreadsheets in some cases is impossible. And at the business level better forget about it.

Microsoft Excel Online


  1. Standardization. Who started using spreadsheets, did it with Excel. At a particular level and companies is very standardized.
  2. People prefer not to change tool in general. You prefer a pirated copy of Office to a new and free Google. This is evidence I check daily.
  3. Storage in the cloud (OneDrive).
  4. It’s free.
  5. The ecosystem to this day is very complete. Will it be enough to displace Google?


  1. He lost customers and to take time to go on the attack against what Google offered for free.
  2. You Need Hotmail account and today there are many people that centralizes everything in Google. Was Microsoft late?


I would like to make it clear that both tools have tried them and certainly are valid for simple use. What really counts here is the end user. If you are a loyal follower of Microsoft products and use your daily Hotmail account for your emails, Excel uses Excel . You will not regret. But if instead we use Google’s email services, it is clear that the best option is Spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel