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Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet – Support the Donations Manager in the follow-up and maintenance of documentation related to donation dossiers, which includes:

Opening and labeling of information folders for new donations.
File physically and digitize the documents of each of the donations.
Maintain updated files through the constant review and reconciliation of electronic documents vrs. Physical, based on the list established for each of the donation records.
Manage the control of loan of records and follow up the return of the same.
Coordinate the process of receiving documents and information related to each of the donations and in turn follow up with the members of the Program team to obtain the signed documents from the grantees (Agreements, Letters of Amendments, Reports Final, Activity Closing Certificates, Inventory, Field visit reports, among others), to keep records of activities complete and ready for audits.
Support in the translation of documents, such as: new donation proposals to be submitted for approval, Agreements, Letters of amendments, Notes for the file / Memos, etc.
Follow-up and updating of internal controls, such as: Amendments control, Due date report, Status report review of each of the donations; Informing in a timely manner any discrepancies and taking actions in conjunction with the Donations Manager, to complete the missing information.
Support the Donations Manager in the coordination and logistics for holding induction meetings (start-up meeting) with the new grantees.
Support the Donations Manager in obtaining signatures for the documents received from the TGU office, prepare the folder for signature of the Director (COP) and / or Sub Director (DCOP), digitize the signed documents and send them in a Electronic and physical contact point.
Support the Donation Manager in the Closing process, which includes: Obtaining Internal Closing Minutes signed by the respective units, keeping the closure follow-up table up to date, completing the closing list and final review of the donations dossier, among others .
Participate and contribute to program discussions to improve program strategy in disrupting violence and support with note taking when required.
Support to the Director (COP) and Sub-Director of Program (DCOP), in the updating and preparation of reports, upon request.
To comply with the sensitive information policy, maintaining the confidentiality of the revised information and always seeking the safeguard of the documents in order to avoid the loss, exposure or loss of the documents.
Others, as assigned.
Requirements for vacancy
Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related careers

Ability to use MS office, especially Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point

Ability to use office equipment (printer, photocopier, scanner, etc.)

High verbal and written communication skills

Ability to build and maintain good interpersonal relationships

Work under pressure and in team.

Experience with international and preferred donors, familiar with USAID policies and regulations.

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

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