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How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet

How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet

How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet – Spreadsheets are a staple in an office. It is used to organize data and prepare reports. Whether you use a spreadsheet program over the Internet in standard Microsoft Excel, they tend to share spreadsheet reports with your team or administrators. Fortunately, most spreadsheet programs have a built-in function to help you create a spreadsheet that you use for many people as long as you use a shared server or an internet connection. In this article you will find information on how to share a spreadsheet in Google Docs and Microsoft Excel.

Worksheet in Microsoft Excel

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet or create a new document by going to the File menu in the upper horizontal toolbar and selecting “New”.

2. Make changes to the document. These should include macros, tables, merged cells, images, objects, hyperlinks, schemas, subtotals, data tables, PivotTable reports, spreadsheet protection, and conditional formats.

3. Click the Tools menu or the Review tab if it is another version. Select “Sharing worksheet / Share book” from the options in the drop-down menu.

4. Click the Edit tab when the dialog box appears.

5. Find the box that says “Allow modification by multiple users at once”. Click on that box to affirm that you want to make that change.

6. Click “OK” to save that change.

7. Save the workbook to its current location by clicking on the File menu and selecting “Save”.

8. Go back to the File menu and select “Save As.”

9. Save the file to a shared folder on a shared network. Make sure that everyone who will use the document has permission to use that folder. If not, save it somewhere where everyone can access it.

How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet