How To Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Google Docs

How To Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Google Docs – A very good way to present visual data is to create a chart in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Google spreadsheets not only make you build a chart from data in a spreadsheet, but also offer customization options to highlight the different data systems.

Customize your chart

1. Click on the “Customization” tab. In this tab you will see several options that you can modify to make your graphic look amazing. As you adjust these options, the preview will be modified on the right side of the screen and you will see the changes live.

2. Choose a title for the chart. Write the title of the chart in the corresponding box. You can use the font size and color options to highlight the title.

3. Sets a format for the legend. Legends serve to give a quick visual explanation of the colors and shapes of the chart. Click “Right” to see a list of places where you can insert the legend of the chart. Modify the color and size of the legend text, just as you did with the title.

4. Change the font and background. In the next section of this tab you will see options to change the font and the background color of the entire chart. Choose a background color that makes the font color stand out. This will make sure your graphic is easy to read.

5. Select the desired options in the “Functions” section. From here you can change the layout of the chart data. By clicking on the box next to each option you can give an idea of ​​how the data is displayed in each one.

6. Adjusts the appearance of the axes. Depending on the type of chart you are going to use, it may be necessary to adjust the options area of ​​the axes. From this section you can choose a title for each axis, change from horizontal to vertical and change the color and labels.

7. Change the way lines, bars, and symbols appear on the chart. Swipe down until you reach the “Series” section. If you want to change the color and size of the lines, bars or points, you can do it from here.

How To Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Google Docs