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How To Make a Spreadsheet For Monthly Bills

How To Make a Spreadsheet For Monthly Bills ?

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How to Bill?

How to make an invoice? We explain everything you need to know, from the requirements that are fulfilled for the invoice to be legally valid, data and taxes include situations in which it is necessary to make an invoice or it is possible to use a ticket as a substitute document of the invoice. And you also provide a free invoice template in excel and online billing software.

Article updated on 6/21/2017 and written by Infoautonomos
Billing (I). Generic Aspects
Javier Santos, consultant of Infoautonomos, explains the generic questions that must know an autonomous in relation to the invoicing

In this article we explain everything you need to know to prepare your invoices.

What is an invoice
An invoice is a document of a commercial nature that collects information relating to a transaction or sale of goods or services.

When you consider how to make an invoice, the first thing that you should know is that the applicable regulation is the billing regulation and that it is adjusted to the same, the self-employed and SMEs should issue invoices for each work done. More information about this information.

How do you make an invoice?
The traditional system, twentieth century style, was the invoice in paper that is sent by post or was delivered at the customer’s premises, many times it was handmade invoices on the hand with a book on paper invoices.

With business information, invoices made in word or excel were generalized and often referred to the customer in PDF by e-mail. In our utilities section you can download a billing template in the excel spreadsheet that will serve as a basis to customize your own. The file also includes simplified invoice and bill of quantities forms.


This can be a good solution when you start and if you only issue a few invoices. Now, we recommend that you try the new billing solutions in the “cloud” specially adapted to the reality of freelancers and SMEs, which will allow you to have a professional billing application that complements the accounting and preparation of taxes, and Even if you want it, with your advice.

And that is how this is our online billing and accounting solution, which you can access completely free of charge just by being registered in Infoautomomos. In addition, you can try out the Ultimate version with full functionality for 30 days without any commitment.


Each invoice must include each and every one of the data listed below:

Number and serial if apply. The numbering of the invoices within each series will be correlative. There may be separate series in the following cases: several establishments, operations of different nature or invoices for rectification. A new series is usually started for each year.
The date of its issue.
Name and surname, reason or full name of both the obligor to issue invoice and the recipient of the transactions.
Tax identification number attributed by the Spanish Administration or, where applicable, by that of another Member State of the European Community, with which the operation was carried out by the party obliged to issue the invoice.
Domicile, both of the obligor to issue invoice and the recipient of the transactions.
Description of operations, with all the information necessary to determine the tax base, ie the total amount of the consideration, corresponding to them and their amount, including the unit price without tax of said operations, as well as any Discount or rebate that is not included in said unit price.
The tax rate of VAT and the equivalence surcharge if applicable, as well as the percentage of withholding income tax also if it proceeds, as it happens with the professionals.
The tax rate which, if applicable, is passed on, to be recorded separately.
The total amount to pay.
The date on which the transactions are documented or in which, if appropriate, the advance payment has been received, provided that it is a different date than the date of issue of the invoice.

When should you issue an invoice?
As an entrepreneur or self-employed professional you are obliged to issue and deliver invoice, or other supporting documents, for the operations you carry out during your activity. Do not forget that you always have to keep a copy of the document you delivered. That is, you must be registered in Hacienda to issue invoices.

You are also required to keep all invoices you receive from other business owners or professionals.

It is mandatory that in the delivery of goods and the provision of services emit and keep the invoices in which the transactions of the VAT that entails your activity are collected (the obligatoriness also extends to those that are not subject to the tax and subject them but Exempt) and also if you take advantage of a special VAT regime.

However, in some special VAT schemes, in principle it is not necessary to issue invoices, giving rise to the following exceptions which essentially affect transactions with private parties:

Operations exempt from VAT.
Those made by employers or professionals in the special regime of the equivalence surcharge.
Those made by businessmen or professionals under a simplified VAT system, unless the determination of the accrued fees is made in response to the volume of income.
Those made by entrepreneurs or professionals in the special regime of agriculture, livestock and fishing.
You are always obliged to issue an invoice when the recipient is an entrepreneur or professional acting as such and when your client requires it for the exercise of any tax right.

Even so, in these regimes, transactions related to the transmission of real estate and fixed assets are usually subject to the obligation to issue an invoice. In these occasions it is recommended to verify the concrete case with an adviser.

Example invoice
A self-employed professional is dedicated to providing computer maintenance services and bills a company. The date of completion of the work is the same date of issue and collection of the invoice. The cost of the invoice is constructed from the hourly unit price. The gross amount of your work is added 21% of the VAT and deduction of income tax is deducted if applicable, in this case, when it is a self-employed professional, a 15% withholding tax must be applied. The VAT settlement of the invoice is the responsibility of the self-employed worker and the withholding of the IRPF corresponds to the company that receives the invoice. The invoice would be as follows:

Example of a step-by-step invoice
What is the deadline for submitting an invoice?

Invoices or substitute documents must be issued at the time of the operation. However, when the addressee of the transaction is an entrepreneur or professional acting as such, they must be issued within a period of one month from the said moment. In any case, invoices or substitute documents must be issued before the 16th of the month following the tax settlement period in which the transactions were carried out.

The simplified bill and the ticket
Since the entry into force of the Billing Regulation currently in force, the simplified invoice replaced the ticket which until then was allowed in operations up to 3,000 euros VAT included in activities such as retailing, hospitality or transporting people (taxis) among other.

From that moment any self-employed can issue simplified invoices in operations of up to 400 euros VAT included.

We recommend our specific article where you can see how to make a simplified invoice, when to apply it and the contents to include.

The electronic invoice
It has long been clear that the electronic invoice is the prevailing invoice model, definitely displacing the paper invoice. In fact, the billing regulation gives the same treatment to the electronic invoice as to the paper invoice. In addition, since 2015 it is mandatory for public administration providers and large companies to use them.

We recommend our specific article on electronic invoice, where we analyze its characteristics and operation.


What if I get a duplicate of an invoice?
In principle you can only issue one original of each invoice or substitute document. But it is allowed to make duplicates, which must include the expression “duplicate” that will have the same effectiveness as the original invoice or substitute document, in two cases:

When several recipients come together in the same delivery of goods or services. In this case, the portion of the taxable amount and of the amount passed on to each of them must be entered in the original and in each of the duplicates.
In the event of loss of the original for any reason.
We hope that with all this information you will be clearer how to make an invoice.

How To Make a Spreadsheet For Monthly Bills