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How To Set Up a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

How To Set Up a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

How To Set Up a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet – If you have lost track of your monthly expenses, it is a good idea to start getting on paper now. One way to achieve this is to create a family budget spreadsheet. There are templates available if you want to create one, but if you want your personalized expenses, the process is simple but a bit slow.

1 Create a new spreadsheet document in your preferred program. You can arrange the sheet in two columns for easier printing or in a read column easier.

2 Enlarge a column by approximately one inch by moving the cursor to the right of the A and dragging it to the right.

3 Write the following words in a column from A3 to A12: income, wages and tips, interest income, dividends, gifts, refunds / reimbursements, savings transfers, and others. Leave the A13 blank and continue with the A28: Mortgage / Rent, Electricity, Gas, Oil, Water / Sewer, Phone, Cable or Cable, Internet, Furniture / Appliances, Lawn / Garden, Home and Garden, Improvements, home expenses ,. Leave the A29 blank.

4 Keep writing in a column with other categories as indicated in your home, stories such as everyday life, children, transportation, health, insurance, education, charity gifts, savings, vacations and several Download the template in the resources section for Some ideas for category breakdowns.

5 Type “Budget” in cell B3, “Real” in cell C3 and “Difference” in cell D3. Type “= C4 B4” in cell D4. Copy that cell holding down the “Ctrl” key and press the “C” key. Drag the mouse to select cells D5 through D11. Paste the formula by pressing the “Ctrl key” and the “P” key. This can make the difference between your normal salary and what you actually received. Write the formula “= B15-C15” in cell D15 and compose the formula in all D-cells below D15 to get actual expenses for the current month.

6 Create a summary for your income section and for each expense section to select all the cells in a row and click the addition key in the top menu. Do this for all B, C, and D column sections.

7 Monthly budget summary in F3, “Total income” in F5, “Expenses” in F6, “Net” in F7, “Budget” in G4, “Real” in H4 and “Difference” in I4. Make cell G5 equal to the value of B12 and make H5 equal to the value of C12. For cells of type G6 and H6 in a formula that sums up all the amounts of each expense section. Its formula was as “= B15 + B41 + B52” for G6 and as “= C41 + C15 + C52” for H6.

8 Write the formula «= G5 H5» in cell I5 and the formula «G6 H6 =» in cell I6. Write in the formula “G5-G6” in cell G7, in the formula “H5-H6” in H7 and write “H7-G7” in cell I7. The true loss and the difference between the two. Write the income and expense numbers that month to determine the cash flow for the month.

How To Set Up a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet