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Insurance Spreadsheet Template

Insurance Spreadsheet Template – One of the most powerful things about Microsoft Excel and related spreadsheet programs is the fact that it can be used to create detailed budget spreadsheets that can be used to save money and make smart decisions. One of the best ways to save money and track your insurance costs is to create a detailed insurance spreadsheet for costs.

Instructions Insurance Spreadsheet Template
1 Download a cost tracking template to make it easier to create the spreadsheet. If you are using Microsoft Excel, there are a number of ready-made templates available, including various templates that can be used to create a family budget and tracking insurance costs.

2 Look for your most recent insurance statement and look at the breakdown for each coverage category. For example, a typical auto insurance policy can break down the cost of coverage into liability, collision, full and insurance coverage.

3 Enter the cost of each type of coverage in the insurance cost spreadsheet. Check coverage totals if the template you downloaded includes the relevant formulas. Otherwise, use = sum function to add the different lines in the worksheet. For example, if you have entered the costs of the different types of coverage in B3 cells with B9, your formula would be “= SUM (B3: B9).

Insurance Spreadsheet Template

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