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Integrate Google Spreadsheet With Calendar

Integrate Google Spreadsheet With Calendar

Integrate Google Spreadsheet With Calendar – Google Calendar has added a new feature: records that serve to annotate the tasks independently of the date it is written down or performed. The intention of Google is to make your calendar the only agenda necessary for professional tasks.

Until now, the use of Google Calendar as the tasks of events for those who do not have a specific date or did not finish, was not very useful. Once the date on which it was written had expired, it disappeared from the calendar. That forced to be pending of this annotation or to point it in another place.

Thanks to this new feature of Google Calendar this is over. Google integrates in your calendar the possibility of adding task reminders without having to associate it with a date. A very useful function for the professional work by allowing to integrate in a single tool calendar events and tasks.

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For now, the reminders will be available for the Google Calendar version on Android and iOS, but will soon be ready for the web version, according to Google in its Gmail blog.

The user can create notes that will remain in the Calendar until the task is completed. If it is not done, the reminder will remain at the top of the calendar the next day and the following days. To delete this note, simply drag the message and it will disappear from the calendar.

Reminders allow you to add data in the gmail calendar, such as phone numbers or addresses. Being integrated into Google, it is also possible to create these notes from the mail inbox or Google Now.

Do you find this new Google Calendar feature useful? Do you use this tool as a single agenda?

Integrate Google Spreadsheet With Calendar