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Job Tracking Spreadsheet

Job Tracking Spreadsheet – Thanks to the Excel templates we have the opportunity to organize and manage many tasks. This is mainly due to the multiple functions of Excel. That is why, with the passage of time, the spreadsheets have become our best ally for tracking projects and controlling our business processes.

How to develop project tracking in Excel
The process is very simple really. It acts as a database template in Excel that helps us to gather information from our work. That’s why Excel’s template for project tracking is first and foremost the job so they help you evaluate the step-by-step activities. As we will only have to fill in the data based on:

Pending tasks.
Estimated duration of each action and what has to be developed in each one of them.
Start date.
Final date.
In addition, if you want to remember that to support you in your projects you can consult the template for customer tracking, which will take care of your business relationships as much as possible.

Free template for project tracking in Excel
Below is a free download template that is ready to use according to your needs. Take advantage and start evaluating a project tracking with the help of this Excel.

Another option is to download a board in Excel for project management with which to search all the data through graphs in the place of reports.

Job Tracking Spreadsheet