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Keeping Track Of Expenses Spreadsheet

Keeping Track Of Expenses Spreadsheet – All vehicles have maintenance costs that may vary depending on the model. That is why it is advisable to evaluate these costs before deciding to buy a car.

Each manufacturer, through a maintenance book, sets the pace of the revisions that a vehicle has to make and which it sold determined by the number of kilometers and its age. Typically, the vehicle will visit the highest at least once a year, alternating basic inspections with more concrete ones.

To keep in good condition and in good condition, you have to face unavoidable expenses. According to a study by Audatex the maintenance of high-end cars in its first 100,000 kilometers is around 4,600 euros, compared to the 4,250 euros of a generalist, due to a mayor use of electronic components and high technology. On the other hand, when it comes time for the highest for corrective repairs, premium car users spend 2,230 euros of the media during the first 100 kilometers of shooting, 23% more than drivers of generalist models .

Nor hay forgot that the tires, a key element in road safety whose price varies greatly according to its size and performance. To give you an idea, the tires mean an average cost of 615 euros in high-end cars and 585 euros in mid-range cars.

Despite the initial investment, maintaining car care can prevent major breakdowns, which can be more costly. According to a study of the 2013 GIPA consultation, vehicles that do not vote 26% more fail than another that does the marks, which implies a 31% more expenses of a lifetime for the repair of damages.

Recommended general guide to pass reviews (we recommend following the maintenance book instructions for each vehicle):

• Oil: every 20,000 kilometers.

• Change of filters and level control of liquids, brakes, lights, clutch, circuits, belts, shock absorbers and tires: between 30,000 and 40,000 kilometers.

• Change of front tires: 50,000 kilometers.

• Change of the brake pads: 50,000 kilometers.

• Rear tire change: 60,000 kilometers.

• Spark plug replacement in gasoline-powered cars: 60,000 kilometers.

• Battery change: 80,000 kilometers.

• Change of timing belt: 120,000 kilometers.

Here you can check the approximate maintenance cost of your car or the approximate fuel consumption.

Keeping Track Of Expenses Spreadsheet