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Lularoe Inventory Spreadsheet

Lularoe Inventory Spreadsheet –  According to the article “Inside one of the fastest-growing clothing companies that’s making some millennial moms rich” of Business Insider the LulaRoe fashion brand has changed the lives of American mothers, who have been enriched by selling on their own branded clothing .

Your success
The brand is not only eccentric for the colorful of their dresses, T-shirts and leggings, but also because it is not available in physical stores or online.

The key to their success is that thousands of millenarian mothers, or consultants like LulaRoe call them, sell the fashion company’s collections to friends, family and acquaintances in their own homes or online forums to finally get benefits ranging from 45% to 60% of sales.

The result is that these women are earning six-figure salaries annually for selling branded clothing and managing their own vendor teams.

For example, Tiffany Cook, one of the firm’s cosultoras, has said she makes about $ 34,000 a month with LulaRoe, as she expresses emotionally in the video she recorded for her Youtube channel.

LulaRoe has gone from having 2,000 consultants (in some cases the husbands of these mothers have also joined) in September 2015 to now have 35,000 consultants.

Another factor of LulaRoe’s fleeting growth is her style and the image that the brand emanates: clothing is comfortable and affordable, and makes women feel good about themselves, as Alexandra Laigle, mother and owner of the firm, says it is Perfect for women who feel complex after pregnancy.

Another of its added value is that LulaRoe’s CEO, DeAnne Stidham, inspires these sales and wealthy mothers through weekly conferences in which she gives sales tips and gives words of encouragement so that women have another choice to make money while raising to his children.

How does it work?
Consultants must buy a minimum of $ 5,000 in LulaRoe’s garments to enter the business.

LulaRoe is a multilevel marketing company, which means that consultants earn money directly from their own sales and sales of their sales teams, which is one of the reasons the company has grown rapidly.

Why is LolaRoe different from other multilevel marketing companies?
Companies operating under the same strategy: Tupperware, Mary Kay, Beachbody and Herbalife have been hit badly by encouraging people to make investments under the promise of exaggerated potential earnings.

The difference that LulaRoe offers is that it allows its consultants to sell the unsold inventory to the company itself in case they want to leave the business.

Consultants can set their own prices, but LulaRoe always puts their minimum prices for each garment. The company disapproves of consultants who frequently keep discounts in order not to degrade the value of the brand.

Festivals online
His clothing is popular, and his new collections are sold to consultants in seconds at online parties.

The frenzied enthusiasm generated in these parties is driven, in large part, by the scarcity of their garments. Because LulaRoe’s team of designers makes about 400 new garments per cloth every day; And for each design only 5,000 garments are sewn. In turn, each consultant has a different inventory. So if you are not the fastest to buy it is likely that there will not be another opportunity.

LulaRoe’s prices range from $ 25 for a pair of adult leggings to $ 35 a T-shirts, and a $ 45- $ 75 dress. And the sizes go from 34 to 52.

They also have a brand for men called Lulabros.

Lularoe Inventory Spreadsheet

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