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Makeup Inventory Spreadsheet

Makeup Inventory Spreadsheet

Makeup Inventory Spreadsheet – There is not much need of introduction, today I “confess” how big or small is my collection of makeup, to call it somehow for I do not collect anything. I take it as the first exercise to get a quantity of products suitable to me, my circumstances, tastes, situation and besides quality sea and that everything enchants me.

I already wanted to make it look very healthy. Many times we are not aware of the amount of things we have, especially if we have tidy and collected all together. The numbers are indicative targets.

I see some videos on the internet that are not limited to teaching the makeup collection, but to count the number of items they have in each category. This way, you get a better idea of ​​if you have a lot of little and, in the first case, try to solve it.

Well, I wanted to do the same to give me a bath of reality and see if I need to change something, in number as I repeat, in quality, colors, textures or what sea. Of anything that wants to be taught a photo with the products in particular you are free to leave it in the comments without commitment, I will do what I can.


Prebases / Primer: 4
Foundation / Foundation: 8 + 1 sample
BB cream: 2 + 2 samples
Moisturizer with color / Moisturizing cream tinted: 1
Finished powders / Powder: 8
Correctors / Concealer: 3 + 1 palette
Bronzer-Outline / Contour Bronzer: 4
Colorettes / Blushes: 26 (7 cream / cream, 13 powder / powder, 2 palettes / palettes with 3 each / with 3 each)
Illuminators / Highlither: 8 (2 in cream / cream, 5 powder / powder, 1 sample in cream / cream sample)

Prebases / Primer: 5
Cream shades / Cream eyeshadow: 9
Jumbos: 5
Single Shades / Mono: 43
Mini jacks (duos, trios …) / Mini jackets: 20
Palettes / Palettes: 10
Eyeliners: 24 (2 in cream, 4 liquids, 18 needles)
Masks / Mascara: 4
Brows / Brows: 1 double pen
Pigments / Pigments: 15

Prebases / Primer: 1
Labels / Lip …: 96 (Bars / Lipstick: 39 + 7 in homemade palette / Liquids: 13, Jumbos: 3, Glossos 28 + 6 in palette)
Balms with color / Lipbalms color: 2
Profiles / Pencil: 9 + 1 external / clear

Well, as you see some of the categories are controlled, for eyebrows actually use a shadow of Essence, the pencil I have of deliplús and I do not like. Masks I have two open that are already spending, which was the spare and one with glitter. All right. Pallets is not that it has a barbarity either, although I do want another one more and I do not want to get out of control.

But in others I have too many things, for example glosses, I do not like much but in the end I join with a few, I do not need 5 prebases of eyes, but when I do not make up a newspaper. Not so many powders, I’ve done so many because of my hyperfat face, I’ve been looking for some that matificasen well. Apparently they do not exist.

In other categories I have few, but the least I have. For example, I was not aware that I had so many pigments and I love them all, but I do not give them the use that is due, so, or I plan to use them more often or I will withdraw them. Jumbos for the eyes the same thing, it is not a product by which the companion, and I just have 5 but with none too, not less 5 but for Kiko to put an example, not the ones I have that some children of the Chinese. And that’s what I say, I want to go to the lower quality and older things and with what I have left that I have a minimum of quality and I really like to use it.

In short, I will put my target numbers in a few days. I also do not want to strictly stick to them, I mean, if I decide that I only want 2 masks and at some point I get along with 3, since I will not punish either because well, it’s not crazy (and more the mask that if not They finish Dry and if it does not have to be removed for hygiene). But do me with a guide; Powder Well man, in principle with some not worth? Or two, like some mate and some more satin … right? Illuminators same thing, they bring a lot quantity and with to have around 3 to vary the texture and the validity. And by throwing on the top I mean, to have options.

Makeup Inventory Spreadsheet