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Making an Excel Spreadsheet

Making an Excel Spreadsheet –  Example on Excel 2010. First of all, Excel 2010 is an application that allows you to make spreadsheets, which is integrated into the office suite of Microsoft Office programs. This means that if you already know another Office program, such as Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, … it will be familiar to use Excel, since many icons and commands work similarly in all Office programs.

A spreadsheet is used to work with numbers in a simple and intuitive way. To do this, a grid is used where numbers, letters and graphs can be entered in each cell of the grid.

For example, to add a series of numbers you just have to enter them under one another, as you would in a paper, place in the cell where the result will go and tell Excel that you want to make the sum of what you have.

You may think that to make a sum it is better to use a calculator. But think what happens if you make a mistake in entering a number in a sum of 20 numbers, you have to re-enter them all; While in Excel it does not matter if you make a mistake when entering a data, simply correct the data and automatically Excel recalculates everything.

This is important when the calculations are a little more complicated, imagine that you are doing the income statement by hand and in the end you discover an error, you would have to recalculate everything. If you do it with Excel you just have to correct a data.

This automatic recalculation feature also allows you to easily do simulations. For example, if you are calculating what you will have to pay per month when applying for a mortgage loan, simply enter different amounts into the loan amount so that you see what you would have to pay in each case.

So easy and intuitive is Excel. Surely you’re already looking forward to the rest of the course to learn how to use it.

Another good thing about Excel is that you do not need to know math to use it. In many cases it is enough to use the basic operations. Of course, if you know math a lot more game you can get Excel.

Although in this example it is not seen, Excel is also able to draw graphs from the data entered, the style of pie charts and in the form of bars that are seen in surveys.

Excel can be used for a multitude of things, both personally and professionally. From bringing family accounts to the most complex financial calculations.

From the Start button, usually located in the lower left corner of the screen. Place the cursor and click the Start button a menu is displayed; When you position the cursor on All programs, another list appears with the programs that are installed in your computer; Place the mouse pointer over the folder named Microsoft Office and click on Microsoft Excel, and the program started.

From the desktop Excel icon.

  1. You can start Excel 2010 now to try everything we told you. To close Excel 2010, you can use any of the following operations:
  2. Click the close button, this button is located at the top of the Excel window.
  3. You can also press the ALT + F4 key combination, with this key combination to close the currently active window.
  4. Click on the menu and choose the option.

Making an Excel Spreadsheet