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Medical Supply Inventory Spreadsheet

Medical Supply Inventory Spreadsheet – Hospitals today face many daily challenges for volatile customer ‘demand, have little or no inventory visibility, diverse patient care processes, and complex payment structures. Facing these challenges, the obligation to give special importance to their logistics systems, especially in clinical staff has to manually manage inventories. Steps that need to be done manually make processes slower, error prone, and therefore costly.

Designed and configured for hospitals supply chain, the Systems Management System (SMS) addresses directly all the challenges that the point of use of the medicines in a hospital must face.

SMS is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use supply chain solution that enables hospitals and clinics to be much more efficient at the places of use, freeing clinical staff from administrative tasks to focus on patient care With this the logistic processes are more intuitive and completely automated.

The different products used in the medical center are captured using bar codes and stored in a robust information system, allow purchasing organizations to track the use, re-order and plan the corresponding demand according to behavior. The interface with touch screens facilitates access to information and reduces the modification of data.

This tool is specially designed for users who work in a clinical and medical environment constantly. In addition, it provides various benefits such as allowing the hospital system to analyze the value of inventories in all locations, offering a variety of payment and delivery methods according to specific needs and circumstances, maximizing cash flow, Demand, the reduction of waste or the storage of medicines near the expiration and the reduction of human rights.

Medical Supply Inventory Spreadsheet


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