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Mileage Spreadsheet For Taxes

Mileage Spreadsheet For Taxes – Calculating VAT in Excel is really simple, since it does not require knowing any specific function. To calculate the VAT it only goes down to multiply the amount you want by the percentage converted to a decimal (for example, we will multiply by 0.21 for 21% VAT, 0.04 for 4% …)

VAT = (price_in_iva * 0.21)

This gives us the VAT amount, the amount that I must add the initial price to get the final price. Thus, for example, for an amount of € 500 with 21% VAT free of charge:

VAT = 500 * 0.21 = 105 | Price with VAT = 500 + 105 = 605

How to calculate the VAT PRICE in Excel

Formula-calculate-iva-excel We can do everything in the same operation and by calling the corresponding cells. If we put in cell A1 = price_in_IVA (500 €), and in cell A2 = VAT (21%), the final formula:

Total price (including VAT) = (A1 * A2) + A1

How to calculate the price without VAT in Excel

In the same way I can use Excel to do the reverse calculation, that is, find out the resulting amount if you rest the VAT. In this case, the formula is somewhat different, since it would have to divide instead of multiplying, and always adding 1 to the VAT percentage

Price_sin_IVA = price_con_iva / (1 + 0.21)

Formula-sin-iva-excel Following the same example we used earlier. If we put in cell A1 = price_con_IVA (605 €), and in cell A2 = VAT (21%), the final formula would be:

Price (without VAT) = A1 / (1 + A2)
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Mileage Spreadsheet For Taxes

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