New Car Comparison Spreadsheet

New Car Comparison Spreadsheet – If you are thinking about buying a new car you will surely be valuing different alternatives.

To facilitate the work I propose to make this spreadsheet to help make the decision and see differences and similarities.


Open your Excel workbook in another spreadsheet, for example Google Drive has its free spreadsheet program.

Above all in row 1, box A1 write the title: Spreadsheet to buy a new car.
In cell B2, type Options.

In G2 enter the word Model. And in M2 Base price to write down the initial amount, in the adjoining box.

And then in column B in the following rows write:

B5, Automatic transmission.

B6, Transmission Manual.

B7, Air conditioning.

B8, Engine.

B9, Audio system.

B10, Brakes.

B11, Seats.

B12, Tires.

B13, Mirrors and lights.

B14, Alarm system.

B15, Keyless remote control.

B16, Others.

Before Others if you want you can add any feature you can think of (if you consider it necessary) and the end of everything under the last cell type the word TOTAL, in my example in cell B17.

New Car Comparison Spreadsheet