Open Office Spreadsheet Templates

Open Office Spreadsheet Templates – Professional templates divided into several categories: Commercial Correspondence, Other Commercial, Financial, Personal Correspondence, Posters and Presentations.

Templates to use in bulk data loading from spreadsheet in.

Data import template for Excel.
Data import template for OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
Usage Procedure

This method is very flexible and allows you to make massive loads of the detail of the consignment with the simple method of preparing a spreadsheet with a very simple structure.

The program uses the name of the columns in the spreadsheet to identify what data has been reported in each column. For an explanation of those names and the content you have to include check the spreadsheet templates.

Once the structure is mounted on the spreadsheet, you only have to select the data, including the title, and copy it to the clipboard. Then we use the option available to paste that data.

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Open Office Spreadsheet Templates


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