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P90x Spreadsheet

P90x Spreadsheet – Tracking the results of any exercise routine is paramount to the success of your program. P90X is no different. Tracking your weights, repetitions and time will help you push yourself every day during the program, so you can get the results you are looking for. Many sites have P90X worksheets listed. Two options are the Beachbody P90X website and website. The spreadsheets are the same and set in a PDF file on each website.

P90X website
1 Go to p90x.com.

2 Click the “P90X Worksheets” link on the main page. This will open the training sheet page, which is a PDF file of all training sheets.

3 Print or save worksheets.

Beachbody website
4 Go to TeamBeachbody.com.

5 Read through the selection of topics on the home page to find “P90X Worksheets.” Click on “P90X Exercise Sheets.” This opens a page that has P90X training sheets and other fitness program sheets.

6 Click the P90X Worksheet options to open the PDF file.

7 Print it or save it.

P90x Spreadsheet

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