Business Expenditure Spreadsheet

Business Expenditure Spreadsheet – Excel allows you, as well as other spreadsheets such as Google Drive spreadsheet, to make in detail a template to take control of expenses of your company or particular business. In this article, learn how to translate, create a useful template to have all day in the information in reference to […]

Business Expense and Income Spreadsheet

Business Expense and Income Spreadsheet – Continuing with the concepts of Concepts of Economy, today we talk about the different expenses of the company, elements that are fundamental to ensure the future of every company. A well-run company should have their expenses analyzed in a very detailed way and understand and control, not only how […]

Business Income and Expense Spreadsheet

Business Income and Expense Spreadsheet – Cost and revenue concept 1. Expenses To any company – industrial, commercial or service provision – to operate normally the unavoidable results of goods and services such as: labor, electricity, telephone, etc. The company realizes an expense when it obtains a real consideration from the outside, that is to […]

Church Tithe and Offering Spreadsheet

Church Tithe and Offering Spreadsheet – This is not a very much discussed subject, but it is of tremendous importance for the life of the church. Many people have problems in the financial (economic) area, for not contributing or contributing in the wrong way Unstable people in their tenth, tend to be unstable in their […]

Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet

Bar Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet – When it is necessary to confirm if a bar is giving the desired or necessary benefits, it is necessary to make an inventory of its products. The most complicated is the accounting of liquors, in this list logically we must include the bottles that are already open, a process that […]

Construction Take Off Spreadsheets

Construction Take Off Spreadsheets – In the fields of architecture and engineering, construction is the art or technique of buildings and infrastructures. In a broader sense, it is called construction to everything that requires, before becoming, to have a project and a predetermined planning. We also construct a building site and build the building, as […]

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet – Today, all public and private organizations are involved in a complicated interaction of material resources, processes, products, information flows, and finances that need to be aligned and synchronized over time. The management of contracts, purchases and acquisitions is an extremely useful tool for those responsible for the planning and implementation […]

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet Template

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet Template – If you are one of the many people who before they give you their salary already has a distribution between the expenses and the debts that you have of time and the goods have not yet been able to leave? Then this strategy may be the solution; As well as […]

Detailed Construction Cost Estimate Spreadsheet

Detailed Construction Cost Estimate Spreadsheet – How much is worth to execute a construction project? The million dollar question. For which we must estimate the costs. I think it is attributable to Tom DeMarco an appointment that seems to me magnificent, and which reflects the difficulty of answering the question posed: “An estimate is the […]

Computer Inventory Spreadsheet

Computer Inventory Spreadsheet – Companies are making a great effort to equip their staff with personal computers and software that allow better productivity. However, the manual of management of this computer park entails the dedication of very valuable human and economic resources, and a few frequent ones. Inventory is a modular system, formed by independent […]