Calorie Counter Spreadsheet

Calorie Counter Spreadsheet – Now that the good weather is beginning, and it seems that we are increasingly exercising, we have thought of creating a template to manage the calories consumed per day, with a weekly summary. It is especially useful for people who can not consume more than a certain number of calories and […]

Capacity Planning Template in Excel Spreadsheet

Capacity Planning Template in Excel Spreadsheet – Optimize the tracking of your project with project management templates, ready to use in Excel. The value of a template is that you have a starting point that you can use again and again. You do not have to create the structure whenever you want to inform the people concerned, […]

Commercial Lease Analysis Spreadsheet

Commercial Lease Analysis Spreadsheet – The owner can, however, be exempt from the obligation to pay and resign at the time of signing the contract, in the event that the lessee would not have the possibility of claim. The law allows for a pact between the parties whenever there is no sea contrary to the […]

Common Spreadsheet Programs

Common Spreadsheet Programs – Here are the most common and useful functions of the calculation sheets so you can look for it as an educational resource: Scrolling through the sheet, you can basically perform through the cursor movement keys (arrows up, down, left and right) or with the mouse pointing and clicking (left click) on […]

Compare Two Excel Spreadsheets For Differences 2010

Compare Two Excel Spreadsheets For Differences 2010 – I can not find the right code for power. Calculation of the sheets of the calculation of the same book, basically with the form of three columns, code, quantity and article, is for an inventory, sheet is the first content and sample sheet Second count), now I […]

Construction Cost Estimating Spreadsheet

Construction Cost Estimating Spreadsheet – Construction estimators use construction drawings, project specifications, and information obtained from site visits to estimate the cost of a job. The estimate it contains contains all material and labor with the construction and management of the project, as well as general expenses, profits and other shipments. The key to learning […]

Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel

Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Excel – Do you need to make a work estimate? Here we tell you how to do it! Estimates are fundamental in the execution and development of a work, in this article we explain what they are. Today we will talk about a very interesting topic and unfortunately, there is very little […]

Convert Pdf To Spreadsheet Free

Convert Pdf To Spreadsheet Free – PDF format is one of the most popular for saving and sharing electronic documents. Due to the popularity of the format, often a need to convert documents and spreadsheets in PDF format. Universal Document Converter allows users to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF with complete control of the parameters […]

Coupon Spreadsheet App

Coupon Spreadsheet App – This article describes the syntax of the formula and the use of the COUPON.DIAS function in Microsoft Excel. Description Returns the number of days in the period (between two coupons) where the settlement date is. Syntax COUPONDIAS (liquidation; vencto; frequency; [base]) IMPORTANT:  Dates must be specified using the DATE function or as a result of […]