How To Use Google Spreadsheets

How To Use Google Spreadsheets – If you follow this section, you know that I am a lover of tools that are flexible and whose performance depends on who handles them. Spreadsheets have been used for over a decade for many fines, but until a few years ago we did not have a spreadsheet as […]

Income and Expense Spreadsheet Template Excel

Income and Expense Spreadsheet Template Excel – Income and expenses, this is a simple Excel sheet, which can serve to maintain the accounting of income and expenses. This sheet has a column for income and another column for expenses, so you only have to enter in each cell the corresponding amount, this way you will […]

Income Projection Spreadsheet

Income Projection Spreadsheet – With this template Excel is a monthly budget of income and expenses for the whole year (12 months). Ideal for a home budget or a small business. We have focused on simplicity, but do not forget that Excel allows you to build much more complex budgets! If you need a good […]

Instructions For Excel Spreadsheet

Instructions For Excel Spreadsheet – Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program created by Microsoft Office. You can create and format a spreadsheet and a book, build models for data analysis, write formulas, perform calculations and present professional graphics. If you learn to master this program, you could easily create cash flow statements, income statements, budgets, […]

How To Share an Excel Spreadsheet

How To Share an Excel Spreadsheet – Sharing an Excel spreadsheet in red is one of the questions most users have asked a long story in the spreadsheet. If a user needs to open an Excel document that was already opened by another user, he / she will encounter a dialog that only allows to […]

Heat Load Calculation Spreadsheet

Heat Load Calculation Spreadsheet Introduction When talking about thermal load on a building, it is understood that it is a phenomenon that tends to modify the interior temperature of the air or its content in humidity. In this sense it is possible to establish a first classification of the thermal loads, according to their incidence: […]

House Buying Calculator Spreadsheet

House Buying Calculator Spreadsheet – The information resulting from these simulations is merely indicative, so that the financial data are likely to vary in the event of the application and the granting of the loan by each financial institution. The sole purpose of this tool is to guide the estimated cost depending on the data […]

How To Build a Spreadsheet

How To Build a Spreadsheet – Spreadsheets are an essential business tool and create well-organized graphs. Most spreadsheet programs, you can also use mathematical formulas to create very accurate perspectives on financial information. Follow the steps below to create a spreadsheet that sea easy to read and use. Spreadsheet Programs 1. There are many popular […]

How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet

How To Create a Shared Spreadsheet – Spreadsheets are a staple in an office. It is used to organize data and prepare reports. Whether you use a spreadsheet program over the Internet in standard Microsoft Excel, they tend to share spreadsheet reports with your team or administrators. Fortunately, most spreadsheet programs have a built-in function […]

Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel

Google Spreadsheet Vs Excel or Microsoft Vs Google If I had been given a Euro for every time someone asked me for a copy of Office for free, I would now be rich. And precisely, Google has come to democratize, or perhaps to hit the table to break the trend of so many years. I […]