Auto Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet

Auto Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet – Excel is an application program developed by the company Microsoft in 1987. The characteristic of this product is that it is composed of rows and columns, with the intersection of the cells, where information is entered, which can be exploited and manipulated by the own Standing out. Excel is considered […]

Blood Pressure Spreadsheet

Blood Pressure Spreadsheet – Monitoring of blood pressure, This template allows monitoring of blood pressure and glucose levels over time. Simply enter the figures, the date and time and the conditional format of the alert and the sale of the customizable parameters. There is room even for notes. Blood Pressure Spreadsheet

Blood Sugar Spreadsheet

Blood Sugar Spreadsheet – This simple chart of excellence of sugar level chart sets the upper and lower parameters suggested by the physician to determine if the journal log is passed from those levels. Blood sugar level is also called serum glucose and glycemia. The amount of glucose in the blood is measured in millimoles […]

Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad

Budget Spreadsheet For Ipad – Keeping track of household incomes and expenditures is important to avoid unforeseen livelihoods at the end of the month. More information on the current economic situation. To do this you do not need to make a notebook or manage the spreadsheets on your computer. Just with your mobile and one […]

Building Construction Estimate Spreadsheet Excel Download

Building Construction Estimate Spreadsheet Excel Download – Construction projects can be difficult to manage. They involve lots of people, details and a lot of documents. If you lose a detail of the entire project you could delay and finish paying the owner and the contractor time, money or even lead to legal action. That’s why […]

Calorie Counter Spreadsheet

Calorie Counter Spreadsheet – Now that the good weather is beginning, and it seems that we are increasingly exercising, we have thought of creating a template to manage the calories consumed per day, with a weekly summary. It is especially useful for people who can not consume more than a certain number of calories and […]

Capacity Planning Template in Excel Spreadsheet

Capacity Planning Template in Excel Spreadsheet – Optimize the tracking of your project with project management templates, ready to use in Excel. The value of a template is that you have a starting point that you can use again and again. You do not have to create the structure whenever you want to inform the people concerned, […]

Commercial Lease Analysis Spreadsheet

Commercial Lease Analysis Spreadsheet – The owner can, however, be exempt from the obligation to pay and resign at the time of signing the contract, in the event that the lessee would not have the possibility of claim. The law allows for a pact between the parties whenever there is no sea contrary to the […]

Common Spreadsheet Programs

Common Spreadsheet Programs – Here are the most common and useful functions of the calculation sheets so you can look for it as an educational resource: Scrolling through the sheet, you can basically perform through the cursor movement keys (arrows up, down, left and right) or with the mouse pointing and clicking (left click) on […]